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Embracing ESG ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) factors profoundly shape corporate behaviour and investment decisions worldwide. The following articles explore how sustainability is impacting the real estate and accountancy sectors, whether change is being led by client priorities or legislation, and how companies can increase their resilience to ESG. Steven De Schrijver discusses the transformative impact of these factors on real estate transactions in Belgium. Where previously viewed as risks during due diligence processes, ESG issues are now recognised as opportunities for value creation and industry transformation. He also highlights challenges such as “greenwashing” practices, where companies may falsely portray adherence to ESG goals. Meanwhile, Kaitlin Flinn and Haley Legg explore the role of ESG in accountancy. They emphasise that, in Oklahoma, reporting is not mandatory but is encouraged to uphold transparency and build stakeholder trust. Client and consumer demands are driving voluntary disclosure and influencing business strategies. Industries with high environmental impact, like Oil & Gas and manufacturing, face pressure to diversify into renewable energy sources but ESG considerations extend beyond environmental aspects to encompass social implications, such as community involvement and equality in hiring practices.



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