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Move Over, Sitcoms, There’s a New Trend in Town 3 TRUE CRIME SHOWS YOU HAVE TO SEE

bending episodes of Steven Avery and his attorneys going back and forth during the trial, you’ll have questions that demand answers. So many, in fact, that Netflix has confirmed the production of a second season and a spin-off series titled “Convicting a Murderer.” ‘The Jinx’ Forty years of conflicting reports on three murders make for one compelling HBO series. Robert Durst goes under the spotlight after speaking for the first time about the death of three people connected to him. A web of lies, convolution, and gritty storytelling comes to one bone-chilling conclusion that will make your jaw drop. ‘The Staircase’ Did Michael Peterson kill his wife? Did the American justice system tear apart the dream it so righteously attempts to protect? What is considered fact in a murder trial? These are just a few of the questions you’ll contemplate as you go on a 16-year journey told over 13 gripping episodes. Questionable expert testimony and crime scene evidence are juxtaposed with a competent defense team and a convincing defendant, making for a story that begs viewers to take sides. In the end, the only fact you’ll know to be true is that you can’t trust your intuition.

Let’s Keep the Roads Safe This Winter There’s a genre of entertainment that many Americans are afraid to admit is their secret obsession. It’s as if you’re hiding a secret that you desperately want to confess, but you’re afraid of the judgment and concerned looks from your friends. Then one day, you muster the courage to casually mention a docu-series you watched — hoping for absolution but concerned the jury won’t understand — and the floodgates open. Suddenly your closest friends and family have passionate opinions on the justice system and can tell you they know exactly whomurderedwho and how. Deep down inside, everyone loves a good mystery. Here are three of the best. ‘Making a Murderer’ Directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos take viewers through an experience that feels like the most maddening game of ping pong ever played — in any given episode, your view may bounce from one polarizing opinion to another. After watching 10 mind- Last issue, we discussed how tragically common DWIs are over Thanksgiving weekend. Unfortunately, that trend does not slow down over the rest of the holiday season, making it more important than ever to drive defensively at night. We at this firm are deeply familiar with the life-altering impacts of intoxicated drivers, and we want to share our advice on what you can do to cut down on this dangerous seasonal trend. Keep Track of That Eggnog We can all take at least one drunk driver off the road by holding ourselves accountable. At holiday gatherings, it’s all too easy for “just one drink” to become several. It’s perfectly fine to celebrate this time of year as long as you’ve made precautions not to get behind the wheel. Between designated drivers, ride-share apps, and couches to sleep on, you always have a choice when it comes to drinking and driving. Report Suspected Drunk Drivers While braving holiday traffic, you can help protect your fellow commuters by reporting those you suspect to be driving under the influence. If you spot a car that is driving in an abnormally sluggish or erratic manner,


pull over and call the police. Be sure to note the car’s make and model, as well as distinguishing characteristics like its color and license plate number. Do not attempt to get the driver to pull over yourself; you’ll only expose yourself and other drivers to an even higher risk of accident. Leave this to the professionals. Seek Compensation After a Crash If you are blindsided by an intoxicated driver, you need to think about the future. Painful injuries, medical bills, missed days from work, and losing time with your family members over the holiday season will probably all be on your mind. Pursuing a personal injury claim against the intoxicated driver can get you the financial compensation to aid with these personal struggles, but it can also serve a wider purpose. Holding the other driver accountable in a court of law is something you can do to help ensure that driver never makes the same mistake again. A trusted team of personal injury lawyers, like our attorneys at the Medlin Law Firm, can guide you through this process. | Pg. 2

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