"October-Art-Fest" Auction

Artist: Nikolinka Dimitrova I am a very sensitive person, with very strong empathy. I always strive for perfection, as a person and as a professional. I am almost constantly learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills, both as an artist and as a person, and I want to pass on that richness and beauty to people. I want to provoke thought or touch and move. My paintings always have a philosophical intent embedded and are never literal. Each painting is a message and has its own meaning encoded in the visual elements. The title of the painting is usually the key to any visual message. Envy - that “wonderful” feeling that comes to us all from time to time. We always want something more, something better. It always seems to us that others are better and have better things and fewer problems. We always measure ourselves against them and sometimes it is very difficult not to wish for something that is not ours. And like a heavy jewel, envy lies on the shoulders of our good friend and slowly poisons closeness and trust. Materials and Techniques: Oil on Canvas

Artist: Nikolinka Dimitrova Oil on Canvas

Title: Envy 60 x 80 cm Lot: 8001 Starting bid:$2,500


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