"October-Art-Fest" Auction

Artist: Ojan Shirozhan Ojan Shirozhan was born in 1977 in Iran

His paintings subject are solo females in a background which has lost its time and space. Tumbled faces with modernized-classic style by oil on canvas technique. Their technique are belong to East Europe with harsh touched texture while expressing the fine hidden emotions of a modern character. His artworks are more depicted emotions rather than real portraits. He is not going to portrait a women with a tumbles feeling but depicting a tumbled feeling by a female portrait. The distinctive feature of his artworks are their technique & depicted vivid feelings which impress the viewer. Materials & Techniques: Oil on Canvas

Artist: Ojan Shirozhan Oil on Canvas Title: Untitled 01 70 x 70 cm Lot: 9051 Starting bid:$1100


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