"October-Art-Fest" Auction

Artist: Fatemeh Heidarpour, Iranian Artist, with around 10 years experience as a professional painter. Statement: “The theme of my artworks is “identity” with emphasis on “individual identity” and its relation with the will, right of choice, and self-expression in the era and geography that I live in and form my lived experience, and for representation it, I use figures, objects, and animals symbolically. I think the body of any individual is beginning and end of her or his existence. It is the horizon and sign of individuality that the person- ality of man has root in that, we can’t consider the body as a thing that doesn’t affect identity. My concern begins from where this body forced by determination of geography, time, tradition, mores, visions, an identity made by others and the worse of all this, self-suppression.But the woman in my artworks as if ask about her begin and her identity, so she bears the burden of a new birth.” . . .

Artist: Fatemeh Heidarpour Oil on Canvas Title: Tuesday 120 x 70 cm Lot: 4951 Starting bid: $550 USA


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