"October-Art-Fest" Auction

Artist: Nazanin ZadMehr, Iraninan Artist. From “The Next City” Collection, 2021 Statement: The next city is a piece of address which does not identify with a specific location and there is also no assurance for it to be found.It is merely a promising hope for the pedestrian who is looking forward to the destination city.The next city bears the same address which might be asked a passerby or be noticed on a road sign. They have been looking for the next city traveling for kilometers.They have spent days and nights on the road.As they have arrived in “the next city” they had been told that the destination was the next city. But the next city was where the people were trapped in the confinement of a series of unorthodox and mind-blowing events. The people who ultimately decided to get used to these changes and adapt themselves to all of those tremendous and spontaneous problems. The people of the next city, unbelievably replied to newcomers :”The next city, the one behind the grey mountains, might be the city”.

Artist: Nazanin ZadMehr Acrylic on Canvas 18 x 13 cm Lot: 5701 Starting bid: $150 USA


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