"October-Art-Fest" Auction

Artist: Fatemeh Ebrahimi, Iranian Artist. Statement: Most of the time we live in our minds more than reality; in an unknown labyrinth that seems to have no time or place and perhaps, in general, with no past and present or future. It is more like a baffling memory in which images are juxtaposed within each other, unintegrated, like a narrator that recounts life without a specific definition of time and place and we are unable to encapsulate in a sentence and feed our brain to express it through language. Collage are pieces of time and situation that together shape the subjective concepts and most of our external life events remain in a shroud of ambiguity until they are revealed.

Artist: Fatemeh Ebrahimi Etching, Aquatint Title:Live in our minds 02 25 x 35 cm Lot: 5752 Starting bid: $150 USA


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