"October-Art-Fest" Auction

Artist: NIKITA MANOJ MAHALE An Architect following her passion and creating authentic artwork through a variety of medium. I am exploring and working with acrylic colors and oil pastel. I have been working with dry pastels and pencil colors for a span of 3 to 4 years, creating realistic conceptual artwork. My Realism work is mostly about camouflage. The realistic camouflage artworks are conceptualized with different elements but of same color or texture or visuals. My camouflage paintings are mostly oriented with things or concept related to India. I work on fine details and edge to edge camouflage theme. I have created total six camouflage art pieces using dry/ oil pastels and pencil colors. Statement:The Black Spice is an authentic artwork finely combined with the theme of Indian spice. India is said as the land of spice. Artwork has the well known spice used in India i.e. ‘Dagad phool’ and camouflaged it with a very graceful black panther sitting on a wood. The black spice is all about the love of spices in India and my love for wildlife painting in realism. Artist: NIKITA MANOJ MAHALE

Dry Pastel & Pencil Color Title: THE BLACK SPICE 63 x 49.3 cm Lot: 6756 Starting bid:$1300 India


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