"October-Art-Fest" Auction

Artist: Susan Jafari, Iranian Artist. Statement: Being a woman and living womanly are perceivable. Apart from the stereotypical patterns and prescriptions for this gender, perception of life in the form of a woman’s body requires sensitivity and balance that should be sought in self. The individual and psy- chological borders of this perception are far beyond the boundaries of a language. The more we step toward the words about women, the more likely it is to misunderstand. A woman knows lullaby, sings songs, loves, sometimes she is jealous and sometimes is enviable, she competes and challenges other. A woman knows how to be a woman.My paintings are more about women and their spirits. I realized that women’s faces have energies and states that can not be expressed in words.Hidden and ignored emotions, tragedy, anger, suffering and etc. I displayed what I was unable to express with a level of color and line and surface.

Artist: Susan Jafari Oil on Canvas Untitled 02 100 x 100 cm Lot: 7879 Starting bid:$800


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