"October-Art-Fest" Auction

Artist: Shahla Nezamvazifeh, Iranian Artist:I started my artistic activity in 2000 in the field of Iranian painting and miniature, and in 2017 I started painting with oil paint technique.Although the undulating charisma of delicate waves, curves and twists of golden patterns and fabric amazed me the extent that I stayed for hours in front of his imaginative silhouettes and the softness of the colors, the magical dance of the spirals had such a charm that it drew my attention to its heavenly world, but behind all these beauties there was emptiness and concern.I had to be freed from this extreme eye-catching beauty, beyond all its sweet charms, deeper and this time not only to see in my dream, but with my soul; and “ME” this beautiful bird of soul, who sits on the porch of this magnificent and colorful mansion with an inlaid and exquisite dress, woven from golden patterns, may find herself with wrinkled and thin feathers wings unfolded; remember- ing how to fly again.The vastness of the sky is yours and the brightness behind the window of this building is waiting for light from your soul, for another birth. The birth of a flight. . .The Oblivion (Nesyan) collection is the narrator of the bird inside us, which may be unaware of its origin, we hope that this “unawareness” is brief and that it will become the narrator of another story from this old weary cocoon to the boundless sky.

Artist: Shahla Nezamvazifeh Oil on Canvas Title: Identity 90 x 120 cm Lot: 7887 Starting bid:$1200


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