"October-Art-Fest" Auction

Artist: Datis Golmakani, Painter and Cartoonist Special award winner at the Turkish Cartoon Festival “Nasreddin Hodscha” cartoon festival Participation in numerous exhibitions and festivals in Iran, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey, China, Mexico, Italy, France, Portugal. . . and many others others in the field of caricature as well as awards and book publications. UNESCO Art Calendar 2021. Interview with the newspaper Wies- The set of man in human nature intends to make both of them a part of each other by combining man and the surrounding nature. Figurative human forms with geometric shapes and colors of nature all belong to each other. He believes that man is a part of nature and the structure of the human body still follows nature and not man-made. The relationship between humans and living nature can be a reminder that all creatures have a single and common structure. The circle of nature devours man and is reborn. By using incomplete figures and referring to a part of the human body in the forms of nature and combining them with colors, he can remember the deep connection between man and nature. badenkurier Germany. . . “Nature in Human Nature”

Artist: Datis Golmakani Mixed materials on Canvas Title: Untitled 01 (from the collection of nature in human nature) 77 x 99 cm Lot: 7966 Starting bid:$750


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