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LAVENDER Pretty in Pink (Spanish) Lavandula stoechas

FLOWER SHOWER Ringo Star Petunia Hybrid



Photos Patented/protected/registered varieties are noted on each photo with a company logo. Danziger varieties courtesy of Danziger

DSCole varieties courtesy of D.S. Cole Growers Hort Couture varieties courtesy of Hort Couture PAC varieties of PAC Elsner PlantHaven varieties courtesy of PlantHaven International Suntory varieties courtesy of Suntory Flowers Terra Nova varieties courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries

Volmary varieties courtesy of Volmary Westflower varieties courtesy Westhoff A1=A1DFR

Hort Couture ®


AND SO IT BEGINS… AGAIN! Planning for the new season begins before the current season is over. It isn’t always easy to jump from one to the other and then back again. You would think that with all of the variety changes made the previous season, the next season would have less change. But it doesn’t seem to work that way anymore. Breeders continue to introduce new colors to a series; they introduce new product lines and new items from other breeders; and there is a constant assessment of existing varieties offered for continuation. For the 2023/24 season, Plant Source International is adding 71 new items, a few improved items, and some name changes. But the offering list cannot continually grow, so there are 84 dropped items as well. Unfortunately, one of your favorites may end up on the drop list. It doesn’t mean it is an undesirable item, but it likely means that not everyone has the same style of plant choice for this item to gain connection across the market. For the upcoming season, we would like to highlight a few items: • Four new colors - some with double flower forms - in Volmary’s Argyranthemum Aramis series • Three varieties of Brachyscome Surdaisy from Suntory • A new Pink flowering Euphorbia – that you can really tell is pink – from Westhoff • Six new Fuchsia offerings for larger flowering, trailing plants from Volmary • Four colors of Hypoestes from Westhoff in the new Lotty Dotty series • Five new colors to fill out the offerings in the Nemesia Escential series from PlantHaven • Two new series of Petunia from Westhoff. The Double Stuff series has three bicolor double flowers; and the DiscoBall series has three amazing colors with white spots. Please take the time to consider other offerings for the upcoming season. While looking at the new items, consider looking at some “tried and true” varieties. Our Tradescantia and Hedera sales continue to grow each year. Herb sales are strong, and our Regal and Scented Geranium cuttings are some of the best available!

Thank you for your support over the years. We work to continually improve our program to better match the needs of you, our customer.

Have a great season,

The Plant Source International Team


New for 2024


Helichrysum Heliotrope Hypoestes

52 53 53 53 54 54 54 55 55 56 57 58 58 58 58 58 59 61 60 61 61 62 75 75 72 75 75 75 76 77 77 78 78 78 79 81 82 83 84

Regal Geraniums

9 9 9

Angeleyes Pinkerbell

Ipomoea (Canada Only)



10 10


Candy Flowers


Lamium Lantana Lobelia Lobularia

Scented Geraniums





Spring Plants

20 23 23 23 23 24 25 27 27 28 28 29 31 31 32 37 37 37 38 45 45 46 46 46 46 46 46 47 50 50 50

Lotus Vine Lysimachia

Acalypha Ageratum


Agrostis (Canada Only)





Origanum (Ornamental)


Osteospermum Pachystachys


Bacopa Bidens



Brachyscome Bracteantha


Plumbago Portulaca

Bridal Veil Buddleja


Calibrachoa Centaurea

Rhoeo Ruellia Salvia


Cleome Coleus Cuphea Diascia

Satureja Scaevola


Streptocarpella Strobilanthus








Euphorbia Evolvulus




Culture Notes


German Ivy Glechoma

Rooted Liners





Ordering Info


New for 2024

Geraniums Aristo Bright Red Aristo Magenta Aristo Romance

Herbs Basil Belmona Pink (ornamental) Basil Belmona White (ornamental) Lavender Laveanna Grand Purple Lavender Laveanna Violet Lavender Laveanna White Frost

Spring Vegetative Alternanthera Ariba Deep Red

Lobelia HotPot Sky Blue Lobelia HotPot White

Alternanthera Ariba Yellow Green Argyranthemum Aramis Double Pink Argyranthemum Aramis Double Primrose Argyranthemum Aramis Double White Argyranthemum Aramis Girly Pink Brachyscome Surdaisy Pink Brachyscome Surdaisy White Improved

Nemesia Escential Cherryberry Nemesia Escential Elderberry Nemesia Escential Snowberry Nemesia Escential Sunberry Nemesia Escential Zazzleberry Osteospermum Gelato Apricot Osteospermum Gelato Caramel Osteospermum Gelato Strawberry Petunia Crazytunia Asterisk Petunia Crazytunia Cosmic Violet Petunia Crazytunia Gingersnap

Brachyscome Surdaisy Yellow Bracteantha Cottage Toffee Bracteantha Granvia Crimson Sun Bracteantha Granvia White Calibrachoa Calico Calibrachoa Calitastic Cappucino Calibrachoa Calitastic Raspberry Euphorbia Starblast Pink Fuchsia Fuchsita Pink-Blue Fuchsia Fuchsita Red-White Fuchsia Fuchsita Rose-White

Petunia DiscoBall Pink Petunia DiscoBall Purple Petunia DiscoBall Violet

Petunia Double Stuff Bordeaux Star Petunia Double Stuff Burgundy Star Petunia Double Stuff Violet Star Petunia Flower Shower Blue Petunia Flower Shower Ringo Star Petunia Hells Ignition Salvia Bodacious Jammin’ Jazz Salvia farinacea Farina Artic Blue Salvia farinacea Farina Blue Salvia farinacea Farina Silver Blue

Fuchsia Fuchsita Special Magenta-Purple Fuchsia Fuchsita XL Deep Rose-White Fuchsia Fuchsita XL Flamingo-Blue Helianthus Sunmazing

Hypoestes Lotty Dotty Pink Hypoestes Lotty Dotty Red Hypoestes Lotty Dotty Rose Hypoestes Lotty Dotty White Isotoma Bottle Rocket Blue Isotoma Bottle Rocket Pink Lobelia HotPot Blue Crest Lobelia HotPot Dark Blue Lobelia HotPot Light Blue

Salvia farinacea Farina Violet Salvia farinacea Farina White

Thunbergia Sunny Susy White Halo Thunbergia TowerPower Dark Orange

Vinca Flamenco Salsa Red Vinca Kawaii Paprika Red

6 | 866-774-8727 | www.plantsourceintl.com

SURDAISY® Yellow Brachyscome hybrid

ANGELEYES® Blueberry Regal Geranium


8 | 866-774-8727 | www.plantsourceintl.com

ANGELEYES ® Blueberry Regal Geranium

PINKERBELL ® Regal Geranium

866-774-8727 | www.plantsourceintl.com | 9

CANDY FLOWERS® Bicolor Regal Geranium

CANDY FLOWERS® Bright Red Regal Geranium

CANDY FLOWERS® Violet Regal Geranium

CANDY FLOWERS ® Regal Geranium

ARISTO ® Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Bright Red Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Romance Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Magenta Regal Geranium

10 | 866-774-8727 | www.plantsourceintl.com

ARISTO® Black Beauty Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Black Velvet Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Burgundy Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Lilac Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Orchid Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Orange Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Red Beauty Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Pink Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Purple Stripes Regal Geranium

ARISTO® White Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Salmon Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Strawberry Cream Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Velvet Red Imp Regal Geranium

866-774-8727 | www.plantsourceintl.com | 11

SCENTED COLLECTION Plant Source International is the undisputed leader for the production of scented geranium unrooted cuttings. Grown primarily for their distinctively scented foliage, our collection also has varieties with highly ornamental features, such as Lady Plymouth with the variegated foliage and Lemona that has a brightly citrus scent paired with the heaviest flowering scented geranium available.

SCENTED Attar of Roses Scented Geranium

SCENTED Citriodorum Scented Geranium

SCENTED Concolor Lace Scented Geranium

SCENTED Fragrans Scented Geranium

SCENTED Lady Plymouth Scented Geranium

SCENTED Lemona Scented Geranium

SCENTED Orange Fizz Scented Geranium

SCENTED Sweet Mimosa Scented Geranium

SCENTED Quercifolia Scented Geranium

12 | 866-774-8727 | www.plantsourceintl.com

SCENTED Fragrans Scented Geranium

BASIL Copa Red Green Shades Ocimum basilicum


14 | 866-774-8727 | www.plantsourceintl.com

MINT Strawberry Mentha suaveolens

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