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February 2020

My Greatest Supporter


This fall, my wife, Jill, and I were given a chance to walk downmemory lane together. We were invited back to our alma mater, Salem State University— known as Salem State College when we attended— for a donor dinner. As you may remember, I began a scholarship at the university to honor what the college gave me. Between a getting a degree, makingmany memories, andmeetingmy wife, I’ll forever be grateful to Salem State. Throughout our time on the campus, Jill and I reminisced about our college days. We’d giggle about places that sparked stories from our time there, pointing out where we went to class and seeing the spots where we spent time on campus. Amazingly enough, our kids were not interested in visiting the place where their parents first met. I guess we’re not “cool”enough! Regardless, Jill and I had a blast reliving old memories and seeing the big changes the university has made since we were students years ago. Since that visit, I’ve been reflecting on the trajectory of my career after graduating from Salem State, and I realized I’m only where I am today because of Jill. Without her, I’d be working 60 hours per week in a crummy job, unable to spend quality time with my family. Our annual cruises may not exist, and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to watch my kids take their sports to the next level. I couldn’t be a good father without her support, and the work I do for families every day wouldn’t be possible. Jill is the reason Monteforte Law P.C. exists! Without her, I would have never had the confidence or faith to take the leap and go to work for myself. She believed in me when I was so unsure if I was making the right decision. Longtime readers of our newsletter know the story. We were a young family with a 1-year-old

a single call that month, she’s the optimist who reminds me the business isn’t failing. It just means this month is a little slower than the last, and it will work itself out. As my wife says, it always works out.

daughter and a son on the way when I decided to hang my shingle on Monteforte Law P.C.

Still, Jill believed in me. As I walked through the buildings that have changed so much since we wandered to class through them, I realized one thing hasn’t changed: We complement each other the same way we did when we first met. I’ve always been more of a pessimist when it comes to the outcome. I think about what could go wrong and worry about what’s coming around the bend. Meanwhile, Jill is the calming voice reminding me everything always works out. As I begin to do more speaking engagements and put myself out on a professional stage, she’s the voice of reason reminding me I can do this and puts my mind at ease. Even if it’s Feb. 5 and I haven’t received

Thank you for always supporting me, Jill. | 1 -Michael Monteforte Jr.

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