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Message From the Chair

It is a common adage in the world of clinical education that being in the position of Aca- demic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE) in a Physical Therapy program is doing a job in which the work is never done. For nearly 15 years, Cheryl Bainbridge excelled in the ACCE position at Indiana University’s Department of Physical Ther- apy. She entered the role with over 23 years of clinical practice, drawn to the University because of her love of teaching and prob- lem solving. Cheryl positively influenced the professional lives of thousands of Physical Thera- pists both in Indiana and across the country, only beginning with the students that have gradu- Spring is just now blossoming and unfolding as we are prepar- ing this issue of Forward Motion . The Department of Physical Therapy is aptly looking ahead to our own growth and future in this season of renewal. We welcomed dozens of poten- tial applicants at a spring open house to highlight the DPT edu- cational program. These are undergraduate students who are considering physical therapy as a career option. They are eligi- ble to apply for the fall 2008 admissions application deadline and we had the opportunity to describe our program and admis- sions requirements to them. The

Commission on Accreditation of Physical Ther- apy Education is due to discuss our exceptional site visit review conducted No-

ated from IU’s PT program. She has been a trainer in the APTA CI credentialing course since 1997 and will thankfully be continuing this role of certifying hundreds of Clinical Instructors through the APTA. Over the years she has served in numerous other roles in both the state and national chapters of the APTA. Perhaps more impressive is her dedication to providing clinical education resources to the PT community at large in the form of in-services, lectures and presentations in clinic settings across the state. It is a rare PT in Indiana who has not been able to interact with Cheryl and benefit from her dedication to the service of our profession and the educa- ment’s reputation has soared. We are looking ahead to Com- mencement on May 13 th when Indiana University will confer 33 new Doctorates in Physical Therapy. Faculty is especially proud of our graduating class. Each of them has displayed com- mendable clinical decision mak- ing skills and has performed very well on their final clinical assign- ments. We look forward to counting them among our col- leagues. interest in the Indiana Univer- sity program is especially strong as the demand for practicing therapists grows and our depart-

vember 2006 at their spring meeting. The feedback from CAPTE is expected in the mid- dle of May. For up-to-date news on the accreditation report and the rest of IU Department of Physical Therapy news, please check our website: www.dpt.indiana.edu.

Lisa Riolo PhD, PT, NCS

Farewell, Professor Bainbridge

tion of our pro- fessionals. At the end of December, Cheryl left her role at Indiana University in

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search of new challenges. While she has now settled into her new calling in acute care clinical practice at Bloomington Hospi- tal, she still plays a huge role as a mentor for many of our fac- ulty and staff. We feel it would be foolish if we did not recognize her accomplishments both at IU and beyond as a fantastic road map for our department’s suc- cess. Good luck and best wishes, Cheryl!


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