Vegetalis 2022 | EN

F1 Chili Apache

Sturdy, well-branched compact bushy habit is very adaptive and reliably productive Can be kept very compact for use as a Bonsai plant Produces masses of aromatic, super-hot, bright red chilies

Transplant to maturity: 90–95 days | SHU x 1000: 80 | Avg. fruit length/width: 5/1 cm | Avg. plant hight/spread: 55/55 cm

F1 Chili Basket of Fire

F1 Chili Cayennetta

A prolific fruiting variety which is dripping with small hot fruits on a compact leafy semi-trailing plant The fruits develop from deep purple through cream and orange to mature to a bright red. Basket of Fire’s unique plant habit makes it a perfect choice for hanging baskets and containers The plants have a good tolerance to cooler weather lasting well into the autumn Harvested fruits are easy to dry as well as being ideal for fresh use

Well branched, upright plant; dense foliage to protect fruits from sun Tolerant to both extreme heat and cool temperatures Heavy yields of mildly spicy Cayenne-type fruits with a crunchy bite

Transplant to maturity: 90 days | SHU x 1000: 20 | Avg. fruit length/width: 10/1 cm | Avg. plant hight/spread: 25/55 cm

Transplant to maturity: 90-95 days | SHU x 1000: 80 | Avg. fruit length/ width: 5/1 cm


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