Vegetalis 2022 | EN

At a glance

3 Syngenta Flowers got inspired More and more growers are producing vegetables for the hobby-market. We under- stand why.

21 Organic herbs For any time in the year. This herb range is organically certified - End to End. 29 Traditional Garden Vegetables High yield and reliability have been convincing consumers of this range for years. 45 Fruits Delicious fruits, one of the consumers favorite ranges for the ‚Grow your Own‘ market. 50 Youngplants Have you fallen in love with our beautiful, delicious vegetables and herbs? Well, to make it easier for you we can supply young plants as well as seeds.

4 TheVegetalis Brand

The continued development of the Vegetalis assortment provides answers to the diverse needs of today‘s consumers.

6 Vegetalis Packaging

The Vegetalis assortment will be even more appealing to consumers with great marketing materials in store. Explore the opportunities to make your offer stand out in the crowd. 8 The Patio Edibles Compact varieties, that look good and taste even better are the breeding targets of our distinctive range.

54 Resistance matters!

Highly disease resistant plants will encourage repeat sales, when consumers experience healthy, bountiful crops.


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