Vegetalis 2022 | EN

F1 Eggplant Pinstripe

Produces a compact branching plant with silver grey foliage which is spineless in most conditions Striking, striped purple and white fruit which can be picked in a young stage for baby fruit Very well suited to containers and open ground Crops over a very long period Seed form: Natural | Seed count: 260/g | Plug time in days: 18–22 | Transplant to maturity: 60–65 days | Plant growth: compact | Avg. plant hight/spread: 55/45 cm | Avg. fruit weight: 80 g | Fruit shape: Oval | Resistances: none reported

F1 Cucumber Peticue

Short vining/bush takes up 1/3 of the space of standard cucumbers Produces about 18 – 23 cm long crisp, tender-sweet „cukes“ perfect for slicing Harvest regularly to increase yields Seed form: Natural | Seed count: 36/g | Plug time in days: 10-14 | Transplant to maturity: 45 days | Plant growth: short vine | Avg. plant hight/spread: 15/60 cm | Avg. fruit length: 18-23 cm | Fruit shape: Cylin- drical | Resistances: none reported


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