Vegetalis 2022 | EN

F1 Standard Tomato Harzfeuer

Medium sized tomato known for its sweet unique aroma Fruits grow in clusters and have a thin wall With its strong weather resistance suitable for open field and indoor growing

F1 Standard Tomato Montfavet

F1 Standard Tomato Pannovy

Produces round, medium-sized fruits Can be used for early season and easily adapts to all weather conditions

Early variety with an open plant habitus, a good yield potential and an extensive range of resistance Attractive red, shiny fruit of a uniform shape and good durability The very good taste has been proven in numerous tastings

F1 Small beefsteak Sereen

Determinate growth and a fruit size between a big standard and small beef Tomato The medium to strong plant vigour is ideal to be grown in the garden Good and uniform fruit quality with around 160-200 gram


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