Vegetalis 2022 | EN

Batavia Canasta

Butterhead Panukia

Batavia lettuce for spring, summer and autumn harvesting in the open field Head of intense green colour with red borders Broad and thick foliage with a sweet and crunchy taste Leaf colour: intense greenwith red borders | HR: Bl: 17EU | IR: LMV: 1

A big butterhead-type lettuce with a long harvest window and high resistance Very fresh medium green colour with a beautiful and healthy base Very good filling of the head with a good shape

Leaf colour: mediumgreen | HR: Bl: 16-35EU | IR: none reported

Butterhead Radian

Romana Fanugo

Medium flat Butterhead lettuce ideal for summer production with a strong bolting and internal tip burn tolerance Very nice green and the perfect shape with a well closed and flat base even in hot temperatures

Mini Romana with a nice yellow inside The strong Bremia package in combination with the strength against bacterial diseases and the nice general quality is an advanced product for the consumer Leaf colour: greenwith yellow inside | HR: Bl: 16-35EU / Nr: 0 | IR: LMV: 1

Leaf colour: green | HR: Bl: 16-35EU / Nr: 0 / TBSV | IR: LMV: 1


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