Vegetalis 2022 | EN

F1 Strawberry Summerbreeze CherryBlossom

F1 Strawberry Field Rowena

A variety that is best suitable for open field production, with strong weather resistance Strong plants, ever bearing, with high yield potential Good fruit quality and shelf life. Flower type: double | Flower colour: white | Fruit colour: Light red | Fruit size: medium | Brix %: 8-9 | Vigour: strong | Growth type: open, vigorous | only youngplants available

Unique for its double, white flowered flowers that will look very attractive in combination with the fruits on the plant Compact growth habit with hardly any runners Flower type: double | Flower colour: Cherry blossom rose | Fruit colour: bright red | Fruit size: medium | Brix %: 8-11 | Vigour: medium | Growth type: upright | only youngplants available

Physalis Little Lanterns

Compact and productive plants with good weather tolerance Great to plant in an open ground or container Sweet, golden yellow, edible fruit hides inside a papery husk resembling a paper lantern Seed form: Natural | Seed count: 1000/g | Plug time in days: 21-24 | Transplant to maturity: 70 days | Plant growth: compact | Avg. plant hight/spread: 30/60 cm | Avg. fruit weight: 5 g | Fruit shape: Round | Resistances: none reported


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