Vegetalis 2022 | EN

Growhappy. Vegetables and herbs fromVegetalis. Carefully selected - just right for you. 1 Patio vegetables Selected for their ornamental appeal, the patio edibles are as productive and tasty as they are good looking. Consu- mers with small gardens, patios or balconies will appre- ciate their natural compact habit. Perfect for containers combined with flowers — or let themmake a statement on their own! 2 Organic herbs Organic certification are becoming more and more im- portant. Next to the food supplies and environment, they stand for our health and wellbeing. “Nature knows best” and with this in mind Genesis Seeds ® focusses on organic production under strict agro–technical methods while al- ways looking for the best genetics. 3 Traditional garden vegetables For over 150 years, professional growers have depended on reliable, flavourful and high yielding Syngenta ge- netics to assure their success. With a carefully selected range of genetics, we bring this experience in consumer‘s gardens to enjoy the traditional way of vegetable growing in beds and green houses. 4 Fruits

One of the consumers’ favorite fruits for the home garden market is the strawberry. Delicious, sweet and a fantastic crop to look at with its colorful flowers. Explore these pro- ven genetics with all its options suitable for baskets, pots as well as growing in beds. New in the range: Melon!


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