Try & Test it! Grammar & Testing with Story Central Plus

Try and Test it! Making a real success of testing and grammar in the primary classroom

Exam skills and confidence for every student

Testing and Grammar Success with Story Central Plus

• Extensive practice material for the Cambridge English Qualifications • New Exam Booster section in the Activity Book • Ideal for students taking the actual exam and for those who just want more exam practice

Story Central Plus is a 6-level American English primary course with stories at its heart. It encourages imagination and creativity and takes young learners on a memorable journey of language discovery. This journey includes exam skills and grammar and Story Central Plus teaches both in a way that is fun and engaging for students, easy to manage for teachers and a success for everyone.

Better understanding and use of English for every student

Let’s take a closer look at how Story Central Plus makes testing and grammar a success in the primary classroom

• New Grammar Booster in the Student Book with 36 pages of extra grammar practice

The challenge of testing young learners

How Story Central Plus tackles testing

While some learners enjoy the exam process, the experience can be stress-inducing for others. Some worry they won’t recognize the materials, understand the format or know the answers. There are so many negative associations that successfully preparing young learners for exams can be a challenge. The best way is to build their confidence, remove the scary ‘unknown’ element and turn testing into a positive experience where learners can put what they have learned into practice.

Story Central Plus integrates testing and exam preparation with good classroom practice so that learners feel comfortable with both the materials and the process. Exercises always use familiar materials, offer carefully-scaffolded steps, build essential exam skills and add an element of fun so that tests no longer feel like tests and young learners are no longer stressed and anxious.

How Story Central Plus makes grammar engaging for everyone

Teaching grammar in primary classes

Teaching grammar is difficult at any age but particularly difficult in the primary classroom. For young learners to understand and correctly use a new language structure, it must be presented in a context that is meaningful and relevant to them. Lists of grammar rules and tables alone are unlikely to be very effective.

Story Central Plus uses stories across all six levels to bring grammar to life, making it more memorable and fun for young learners. As they build associations and follow the different characters, the new language becomes more meaningful and learners are more likely to retain and use it correctly.

The new Exam Booster material in the Activity Book provides student-friendly activities that improve general exam skills and prepare students for the new Cambridge English Qualifications. Activities are always linked to the stories in the Student Book and Student Reader so students will recognize the themes and characters and immediately feel more at ease.

Story Central Plus builds exam skills and confidence for every student

m B o o

2 Listening L

Listen and write. There is one example.

1 Reading and Writing R Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines. There is one example.


Completing a project for



1 Kind of place visited:





2 Favorite thing:

3 Weather on vacation:

4 When he went:





5 Name of place he stayed:

Example This is a place in the ocean. There is water around it. Questions 1 This is a tall mountain. It’s dangerous – be careful if you climb it! 2 This is a very dry place. There isn’t much rain here. 3 When the weather is like this, you can’t see very well. 4 This weather is very rainy. There are black clouds and the wind blows. 5 When the weather is like this, it’s colder than cold!




Student Reader 3

Activity Book Level 3

Tests include samples from all the Cambridge English papers, including the Speaking Tests, and are designed to mirror those found in the exams so learners become familiar with the format.

3 Speaking S

1 Look at the picture and listen to L the story. Complete the sentences.


Extra tests can be customized and printed out or downloaded from the Teacher Resource Center.


A detailed Cambridge English Qualifications mapping document is available in the Teacher Resource Center.


They are

to the mountains.

The sun is



T-shirts and jeans.

2 Work with a partner. Look at the pictures and tell the story.

What are the children doing? What is the weather like?

How do they feel? What can they see?




3 Now listen and compare.

Exam Tip Look at all the pictures to understand the story before you start speaking.


Activity Book Level 3 Chapter 6

Review lessons at the end of every unit provide a fun, safe way for young learners to test what they learned in the unit. They also give learners the chance to reflect on the chapter and evaluate their own progress.


s s

You need : • a piece of foam • scissors • a drinking straw • a pin

• a pencil with an eraser on top • a plastic cup • modeling clay, poster board, and pens

Listen and complete. Use the comparative or superlative form of these adjectives.

Prep a re

chilly warm hot big tall

Make a weather vane.

1 The winter is than the summer. 2 Nights at the bottom of the mountain are than at the top. 3 The summer is than the winter. 4 The lake is the in the country. 5 The waterfall is one of the chillier

in the world.

Complete the superlative questions. Then write answers. 1 What is the (big) animal in your country? . 2 Who’s the (tall) teacher in your school? . 3 Where’s the (quiet) place to study? . 4 What is the (late) time you can go to bed? . biggest The biggest animal is the

1 Cut out a rectangle and a triangle from the foam. Make a cut in both ends of the straw. Put the triangle in one end and the rectangle in the other end. 2 Push the pin through the straw and into the eraser on the pencil. Make sure the straw can move. 3 Put the other end of the pencil into the yogurt pot. Stick the pot to the posterboard. Write N , E , S , W for North, East, South, and West.

Showc a se

Find out about the wind. 1 Now put your weather vane outside. Look at the triangle. Which way is the wind blowing today? 2 Look at the triangle tomorrow. Is the wind blowing in the same direction?

Think about Chapter 6. Color and complete for you.

Got it!

Ideas Box


It’s windier today than yesterday. Where is the windiest place in the yard? Let’s check out the weather tomorrow!

I’m not sure.

Look back at pages 4 and 5. Find:

the tallest person in Story Central

My favorite page in Chapter 6 is



RedNova Story Central Grammar Booklet L3 October 12, 2020 Student Book Level 3 Unit 6

RedNova Story Central Grammar Booklet L3 October 12, 2020



New language is always presented at the beginning of the chapter in the context of a story. The engaging and carefully-staged practice activities that follow help students recognize, understand and use the language.

Story Central Plus ensures better understanding and use of language for every student





Look, count, and write.

Listen and read. Then act out.

s s


Help! Please help! Is there a hospital in this town?

Excuse me, where are the comics?

They’re across from the computers, next to the books.

en and number. Then say.

movie theater


Come on, Sniffer the Superdog! Let’s go!


There’s a hospital on



First Avenue. Come with us.


Thank you!


4 Grammar items are also presented and contextualized in the Student Reader story.


movie theater



Look at the story and think. What’s it about?

swimming pool



Oh, no! It’s Maria’s birthday today. Is there a mall near here?

Thanks, Captain Navigate!

Listen and circle T (true) or F (false).


1 There’s a library.

3 There isn’t a swimming pool. T / F 4 There are two movie theaters. T / F

T / F

swimming pool

2 There are three malls. T / F

There’s a mall across from the movie theater on Second Avenue.


Ask and answer.

Listen and read. What places are in the story? a mall a movie theater

Is there a zoo?


There's a zoo. Is there a mall?


No, there isn’t.

a hospital

a zoo

Yes, there is . / No, there isn't . How many malls are there ? There are two.

Read the story in your Reader on pages 14–17.

How many hotels are there?

There are three.

Grammar Booster on page 74




y Central Grammar Booklet L1 2020

RedNova Story Central Grammar Booklet L1 September 28, 2020

RedNova Story Central Grammar Booklet L1 September 28, 2020

RedNova Story Central Grammar Booklet L1 September 28, 2020





Songs and stories are also used in other lessons to contextualize and practice the new grammar. The fun activities that accompany the song in Lesson 5 give students a reason to use their new language and the story in Lesson 6 helps them understand how the new structure is actually used.

s o

s o

Listen and read. Then write correct picture.

Listen and read.

Listen, count, and write. Then sing.

e? ead!

The Superheroes’ P a rty Look! There’s a


Is there a bus to the p a rk?

Beep, Beep, Beep! There are cars and buses on the street. Zoom! Vroom! Beep! Beep! Beep! How many cars are there on the street? How many buses? Zoom! Vroom! Beep! There are trucks and taxis on the street. Zoom! Vroom! Beep! Beep! Beep! How many trucks are there on the street? How many taxis? Zoom! Vroom! Beep! There are vans and motorcycles on the street. Zoom! Vroom! Beep! Beep! Beep! How many vans are there on the street? How many motorcycles? Zoom! Vroom! Beep!

No, there isn’t, but there a re a lot of t a xis. T a xi!

superheroes’ p a rty a t the c a fé in Green P a rk tod a y.

Bangkok is a big city in Thailand. There are a houses, malls, and cafés. The streets in Bangko very busy. There are cars and motorcycles. The buses and taxis. There are tuk-tuks, too. Tuk-tuks are blue and red. There’s a long river in Bangkok called the Chao Phraya River. There are river buses on the Phraya River.

(good) or B (bad).



Green P a rk, ple a se.

Where’s Green P a rk?


T a ke the second left. Go str a ight. Then t a ke the first right.

It’s a cross from the m a ll, next to the zoo.


Here we a re a t Green P a rk, but where’s the c a fé?

Look, the Green P a rk c a fé! Howm a ny superheroes a re there?

or help.

Look! It’s C a pt a in N a vig a te. Let’s follow him!

Check ( ✔ ) the transportation in Then talk to a friend.

Ask and answer.



river b

Look at the story. Complete Libby’s directions to Green Park.

How many buses are there?

There are two.

1 Where’s Green Park? 2 It’s next to

Class Vote! Tuk-tuk or river bus?

Wh Sea Fi

the zoo.

Listen and say the chant.

Take the first left. Go straight . It’s across from the mall.

3 Take the


4 Go


The bus goes beep, the van goes vroom. Beep, beep, vroom, beep, beep, vroom.

5 Then, take the


Grammar Booster on page 75



RedNova Story Central Grammar Booklet L1 September 28, 2020

RedNova Story Central Grammar Booklet L1 September 28, 2020

RedNova Story Central Grammar Booklet L1 September 28, 2020




Every chapter ends with a new Grammar Booster, which offers 4 pages of extra grammar practice. The wide variety of activity types, including interactive grammar tables, and the story strips (levels 1-4) and real-life texts (levels 5-6) keep young learners engaged and motivated as they practice the new language.

Where’s the library?

s t e r

I’m in the café.

r e a r e

There are three cafés!


Read and complete.


Read and complete.


To give directions, use Go straight and Take the first left / second right .

Use Is there …? and Are there …? to ask about things around us. To answer, use There’s / There isn’t … with singular nouns and There are / There aren’t … with plural nouns.

Negative ✘

Positive ✔


Go 4

2 first right.

Take the 3


Take the first 1 left .


1 Is there a mall? Yes, there is.

No, there 2


To say where something is, use It’s next to / across from .

Plural (more than one)


Singular (one)

It’s 5 to the movie theater.

It’s 6 from the movie theater.


How many cafés 3 ?



a café.


there ’s = there is there is n’ t = there is not

Find even more grammar practice activities in the Story Central Plus eBook.

Look and write.

Write the words in order. Then answer. 1 straight. / Go Go straight. 2 first / the / left. / Take

libr a ry

movie the a ter



c a fé

1 There’s a

5 Q:



p a rk

swimming pool


A: 6 Q:

two hotels.

3 right. / the / Take / first


a café.

malls are

5 Where are you? I’m at the



three zoos.

4 zoo. / It’s / the / across from


two malls.



Lesson 2 Gr a mm a r Booster

Lesson 6 Gr a mm a r Booster

RedNova Story Central Grammar Booklet L1 September 28, 2020 Student Book Level 1 Chapter 5

RedNova Story Central Grammar Booklet L1 September 28, 2020



The combination of Grammar Review and Grammar Challenge, pages 3 and 4 in the Grammar Booster, makes the extra grammar practice suitable for mixed-ability classes and students of all levels.

Extra grammar worksheets are also available in the Teacher Resource Center.

Student Book Level 2 Chapter 6

Download a complete sample unit from Story Central Plus Level 1 to try with your students.

Student Book (including audio)

Activity Book

Teacher Edition

Student Reader


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