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October 2019


The Thing About Bayside HERE’S TO BAYSIDE

In this newsletter, I’ve talked a lot about the parts of my life I appreciate. My family, my team, my patients, my work — I have a lot to be thankful for! But this time around I wanted to show some love for the place where all these elements come together: Bayside Queens. There’s a lot to love about this neighborhood, as a business owner and a father.

Of course, my kids don’t bike as much as I did at their age, but I think that’s more a generational issue than a geographic one. But where Bayside has Middle Village beat is, well, the bay. Whether you enjoy fishing, sailing or just watching the boats come and go, this neighborhood place has fun for everyone.

We really get the best of both worlds here in Bayside. Manhattan is just a train ride away, yet we don’t have to deal with the congestion and crowds most people associate with the city. Like Long Island, we actually have driveways to park in and yards for our kids to play in — but we still get all the benefits New York City has to offer, including late-night stores and amazing shows and festivals. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start my clinic. When it comes to physical therapy, convenience is key. When you’re in pain, you don’t want to go far to find relief — especially when walking proves difficult. The Bay Terrace shopping center we call home is exactly what our patients

Needless to say, this has been a great place to raise our family. In the past decade we’ve called Bayside home, our boys have had an amazingly well- rounded upbringing. They’ve learned to appreciate nature out in Upstate NY, experienced the excitement of the city, and have grown up in a richly diverse part of the country. Coming to appreciate the innumerable cultures and nationalities that make up Queens gives them a perspective not enough kids get. We also have the full spectrum from families with small children to seniors with grandkids. I’m glad my boys see people of all different backgrounds and beliefs working together every day in Bayside.

need. Unlike most places in this city, it’s easy to get to and has parking. In most other parts of New York, these luxuries would be unheard of! This is a very special slice of Queens. I say that as someone who grew up over in Middle Village. In a lot of ways, Bayside reminds me of my childhood surroundings: plenty of parks, friendly neighborhood shops, and safe streets. It’s the kind of neighborhood your kids can bike through to go to school or visit friends.

So, whether I’m driving to work, taking the family out for a burger at Bare Burger Grill, or just taking in the view of the bay, I’ll always be grateful for this community. I’m proud to call Bayside home, and I hope you are, too. It’s the people who make any place worth living in — our patients remind us of that every single day.

–Dr. Robert Morea

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