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them! By reading their work aloud, your student can fix those typos as they come up. But why put in all the effort when they can let Google do it for them? They can simply copy and paste the essay into Google Translate and let it read the essay aloud. Hearing their work ring out in Google’s monotone speech will help them highlight and fix those mistakes. Get Off Facebook Is your child wasting all of their precious studying hours on social media? According to Common Sense Media’s 2015 national census survey, tweens and teens spend an average of

Cash is king when it comes to the longevity of your business. Deadbeat clients can spell death for a budding company, and they do so more often than you would think. It may not sound like fun, but ironing out the wrinkles in your payment process can save you a massive headache down the road. Here are a few ways to make sure the cash comes in on time. The shorter and more concise your payment terms are, the better. For every client you work with, you need a signed contract in place, one that leaves zero room for confusion or misinterpretation. If you’re having cash-flow issues, consider shrinking the payment window. If a customer has 30 days to pay you, they’ll likely wait until the final week to send the check. It’s important that you’re reasonable with your payment terms, but keep in mind that most customers will wait until that last-minute deadline. Go digital. Most businesses work almost solely within the digital realm, and in order to maximize your payments, you must follow suit, no matter how much of a Luddite you may be. Digitizing your invoices saves your customers time. They won’t Are your kids already sweating exams this semester? Fear not! Combine these tips with a regular studying routine, and they’ll be set for anything their teachers assign this year. Chew On This Not all classrooms allow gum, but those that do offer students a distinct advantage. According to Scientific American, chewing gum increases the flow of oxygen to the areas of your brain responsible for attention and memory. Your student can even coordinate gum flavors with each of their classes. Do they have a biology test coming up? Encourage your student to chew peppermint gum while they study and while they take the test. Their brain will associate the minty flavor with those plant cell organelles they studied for an hour the night before. Proofread With Google Is your child trying to perfect an essay before a midnight deadline? Be sure they leave time to read their essay aloud! Tom Stafford, a psychologist who studies typos at the University of Sheffield, notes that when we reread our work, “we don’t catch every detail; we’re not like computers or NSA databases.” Your student doesn’t catch their typos because they don’t expect

six to nine hours on some form of media daily. Help your student learn to self-regulate with StayFocusd, a web extension available for free in the Chrome Web Store. By adding this extension to your web browser, you can limit the amount of time your child spends scrolling through Facebook and maximize the time they spend on Google Scholar and Quizlet.


have to spend minutes in front of the scanner every time you send an invoice. Customers especially love paying their bills electronically. If you include an online option, you’ll make your customer happy. All the while, you won’t have to wait for checks in the mail, eliminating one more potential obstacle to payment. Send your invoices as quickly as you can. As Invoice2Go CEO Greg Waldorf writes, “When they invoice immediately, business pros get paid an average of seven days faster.” Don’t give customers a chance to forget they owe you. Sending an invoice when your work is still fresh in your customer’s mind can have dramatic results. According to Entrepreneur contributor John Rampton, sending out an invoice the day a job is completed makes you “almost 11/2 times more likely to get paid.” Reward customers who pay early. If you want your clients to pay ASAP, you can implement a system that takes a certain percentage off the bill when they pay within three days of receiving an invoice. Instead of cringing at their lost funds, customers will see that paying you quickly actually saves them money.

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