Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Subdivision & Infrastructure Standards 6.5 Connectivity



Significant physical barrier where steep slopes prevent the construction of a roadway at the maximum slope requirements per the MSSD; or

iv. Adjacent development containing one or more of the following land uses: a duplex or detached residential lot no larger than two acres; elementary school, secondary school, landfill, cemetery, public safety station, correctional institution, religions institution; or v. Adjacent property containing a Local Historic Landmark, individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places. d. The Administrator may waive the requirement for street stubs after all viable locations for a stub street to an adjacent property have been exhausted. 3. Stub streets and streets shall be designed and constructed to the property line or as close to the line, as practicable. The owner or applicant shall provide a payment in lieu of the remainder of the unbuilt street on their property, including all required elements within the street cross-section and any other required infrastructure as identified in Section 6.3. a. The amount of payment in lieu shall be an amount equal to 150% of the estimated full cost of completing the installation of the requirement improvements, including cost for materials, labor, and permitting and mitigation. Estimated cost shall be itemized and certified by a Professional Engineer and approved by the Town. b. Any slope easements, construction easements, and/or right-of-way needed to construct the future connection shall be dedicated. 4. Stub streets shall not exceed 150 feet in length without a paved turnaround (permanent or temporary) per MSSD standards. 5. When a street stub is provided, a clearly visible street sign per MSSD standards shall be erected at the end of the stub street stating that the street is planned to connect to a future street. I. Developer Responsible for Grading, Paving and Drainage: In all cases the developer shall be responsible for the cost and installation of the street foundation, paving of all streets and appropriate curbs and gutters as provided on the approved Construction Plan in accordance with the specifications of the Town of Wake Forest and the Division of Highways, N. C. Department of Transportation and Highway Safety. The installation of all street elements shall be in accordance with the MSSD. 6.5.2. Intersections Street intersections shall be designed in the following manner: A. No more than 2 streets shall intersect at one point, unless the intersection is designed as a roundabout. B. Streets shall intersect as nearly as possible at right angles, and no street shall intersect any other street at an angle of less than 60 degrees, unless the intersection is designed as a roundabout, as illustrated below.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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