Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Subdivision & Infrastructure Standards 6.7 Town Street Classification & Design


6.7.2.G Lane Lanes are small traveled ways intended to provide direct access to the front of a limited number of single- family structures. Lanes are limited in the number of lots served. Generally, they are very short; often less than 400 feet. Items including, but not limited to, traffic carrying capacity, topography and connectivity, shall be a consideration when permitting a lane in lieu of a street.

Right-of-Way Width Pavement Width

40 ft (Curb & Gutter) or 50 ft (Open Drainage) 16 ft (Curb & Gutter)* or 18 ft (Open Drainage)*

Design Speed Traffic Lanes Parking Lanes Curb Radius Walkway Type

20 mph 2 lanes

Informal, one side only if one way

15 ft (See MSSD)

5 ft sidewalk one side only (For R and SR Districts See 6.8.1) Continuous planting strip 6 ft (Curb) or 8 ft (Swale)

Planter Type

Pedestrian Facilities


Curb Type

Vertical curb & gutter or LID or Swale (Additional right-of-way may be required for natural drainage sections) 1 canopy tree per 50 ft of street frontage (See also 8.6.1)

Landscape Type

Bicycle Facilities Maximum Length


800 ft unless approved by the Administrator

*May need to be wider if required by fire code

6.7.2.H Alley Alleys are intended to be privately maintained and to provide indirect, limited access to the rear of properties but not to accommodate through traffic. Utilities, either above ground or underground, may be located in alleyways to provide service connections to rear elevations.

Right-of-Way or Easement Width

20-24 ft

Pavement Width Parking Lanes Curb Radius Walkway Type

12 ft – inverted crown*

None Taper

Path optional

Curb Type


Landscape Type


Building Setback from Alley Centerline

15 ft

Maximum Length

150 ft with no connection or turnaround; or Up to 400 ft with a permanent turnaround at the terminus per the MSSD Detail. Over 400 ft must be unless approved by Administrator

*May need to be wider if required by fire code

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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