Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Subdivision & Infrastructure Standards 6.9 Bicycle Facilities


Right-of-Way / Easement Width

Greenway Type

Trail Width

Surface Treatment

3 feet minimum 6 feet maximum

Type 2 – Low-Impact Trail

Gravel or dirt **

Compacted gravel, soil cement, compacted limestone screenings, crushed stone**

Type 3 – Unpaved Multi- Use Trail

10 feet minimum* 14 feet maximum

See Section 6.10.1

Type 4 – Paved Multi-Use Trail

10 feet minimum* 14 feet maximum

Asphalt or concrete**

* The Administrator may allow a reduction of the minimum width in instances where topographical conditions, the presence of drainageways, or similar circumstances prevent the construction of a wider path.

** or other material approved by the Administrator

B. Connections to Sidewalks: Trail stubs at property lines should be placed in areas that are easily accessible for future connectivity through adjacent parcels. Pedestrian and bicycle connections to greenways shall comply with the provisions in Section 6.5.3. 6.8.3. Pedestrian Crosswalks Mid-block crossings, bulb-outs, raised crosswalks and similar crossing techniques should be commonly used to accommodate pedestrians when appropriate for traffic conditions and site-specific situations as directed by the Administrator. All designs shall be consistent with the town’s adopted Pedestrian Plan, the town’s MSSD and the FHWA Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. For examples of pedestrian crosswalks see Section 6.5.3. 6.8.4. Cluster Mail Box Units Cluster mail box units shall be provided in accordance with the United States Postal Service regulations. Units may not encroach into the public right-of-way and shall be placed in an easement on private property.

6.9. Bicycle Facilities

6.9.1. Requirement For Installation A.

Bike lanes or separate off-street multi-use paths shall be installed on new or modified roadways where designated for such by the Town of Wake Forest Transportation Plan or similarly adopted plan; and/or as specified in Section 6.9.3 below where the adopted plan does not provide sufficient guidance. B. Where a proposed development does not include new or widening of existing collector or thoroughfare streets, the developer shall reserve right-of-way sufficient to accommodate the appropriate bikeway facility. 6.9.2. Design Standards Bike lanes and bike paths shall be designed according to the North Carolina Bicycle Facilities Planning and Design Guidelines published by NCDOT and shall include all appropriate signage and pavement markings. Variations from the NCDOT standards may be allowed subject to approval from the Administrator based on the standards below. 6.9.3. Applicability of Bicycle Facilities Bicycle facilities shall be included in the cross-sections of Section 6.7.2, Town Street Classification based on the matrix below. Motor vehicle volumes shall be based on projected motor vehicle volumes in a 20-year time horizon. Speeds shall be based on the design speed of the proposed roadway.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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