Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Subdivision & Infrastructure Standards 6.11 Transportation Impact Analysis


includes adequate and perpetual access and sufficient area, by easement or otherwise, for inspection and regular maintenance. This section is subject to Section 6.10.2.C. B. Limits of Public Ownership and Maintenance Responsibility: The following components of the drainage infrastructure will not be maintained by the Town of Wake Forest: 1. All drainage easements shall be public to the end of any storm drainage pipe system device. All drainage beyond that point shall be carried in drainage easements which are private and will be owned and maintained by the individual property owner. This shall apply both inside the corporate limits and the ETJ. 2. The Town of Wake Forest assumes no liability or responsibility for adjudicating disputes between property owners regarding non-publicly generated storm water. 3. Drainage systems on private property that do not have dedicated easements. 4. Drainage systems maintained by NCDOT as part of its State highway system. C. Private Detention/Retention/Water Quality Pond Areas: The town will not accept these areas for maintenance; however, the town reserves the right to enter these areas and remove any debris/blockage that is adversely affecting the town’s drainage system. This will be done in an emergency situation without notice. Under normal conditions, the town will contact the owner/developer to have said blockages removed. If unable to do so within a reasonable time, the town reserves the right to charge the owner/developer for any expense incurred by the town in doing so. D. Natural Water Courses: Natural ditches, streams, creeks, and rivers shall not be maintained by the Town of Wake Forest except to remove debris/blockages that are adversely affecting the town’s drainage system. E. Limitation of Consequential Damage to Private Facilities Located on Public Easements: All public easements, including storm sewers, are to remain clear of obstructions. No buildings, fences, trees, shrubs, or other obstructions shall be placed in any easement. Driveways, walkways, asphalt, and parking lots may be permitted in easements; however, the town reserves the right to remove such asphalt, concrete, base course and sod as necessary to access its facility in the case of emergency. Pavement or concrete will be replaced with a patch. Sod will be replaced with Fescue or rye seeding. The town will not be responsible for replacing a property owner ’ s landscaping, sod, or other obstructions after repairing a drainage line. F. Subdivision/Common Development: Where a subdivision/development is traversed by a water course, drainage way, underground storm drain, the subdivider/developer shall dedicate to the Town (where applicable in accordance with the above) a drainage maintenance easement as specified by Section 6.10.1. Private drainage easement widths shall also correspond to these same criteria. The Town’s Engine er may require wider easement widths if the topography along the proposed right-of-way is such that maintenance equipment cannot reasonably operated within the easement.

6.11. Transportation Impact Analysis

The Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) is a specialized study that evaluates the effects of a development’s traffic on the surrounding transportation infrastructure. The TIA helps identify where the development may have a significant impact on safety, traffic and transportation operations, and provides a means for the developer and government agencies to mitigate these impacts. Ultimately, the TIA can be used to evaluate whether the scale of development is appropriate for a particular site and what improvements may be necessary, on and off the site, to provide safe and efficient access and traffic flow.

6.11.1. When Required

The necessary level of analysis for different development categories is defined in the following table:

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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