Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Tree Protection, Buffers & Landscaping 8.4 Tree Preservation


2. Fencing of areas adjacent to existing and proposed roadways also is required. Fencing is required on all Town of Wake Forest and State Department of Transportation road projects that are adjacent to protected streetscapes or buffers. The tree protection fencing shall be clearly shown on the site and/or subdivision plan and shall comply with the standards in the MSSD. 3. A stop work order or notice of violation shall be issued if the project is found to be out of compliance with this section or an approved Landscape Plan. 4. All protected trees must be protected from silt with wire mesh fencing, as provided for in the MSSD, placed along the outer uphill edge of the tree protection zones at the land disturbance interface. 5. All tree fencing and erosion control measures shall be installed prior to and maintained throughout the land disturbance process and building construction and may not be removed until the authorization is given by the Town of Wake Forest. Land Disturbance : There shall be no clearing, excavation, soil compaction or changes of the existing grade within the delineated tree save area or tree protection zones. Should the removal of underbrush vegetation take place, every effort should be made to minimize the disturbance. 2. Storage of Equipment : The storage of construction or other vehicles and/or equipment, site construction materials, portable buildings, including portable toilets, or other heavy objects is prohibited within delineated tree save areas and tree protection zones. 3. Encroachments : If during the course of construction, it does become necessary for activities to take place inside TSA or tree protection zones, then the Administrator shall be consulted, in advance of any activity. Such activities include but are not limited to the erection of scaffolding, vehicle movement, trenching or excavation. The Administrator shall review the most appropriate way to undertake such activities. If such an encroachment is anticipated, the following preventive measures shall be employed at a minimum: a. Where utilities must encroach upon a delineated tree save area or tree protection zone, they should be installed by tunneling, rather than by trenching. If it is necessary for roots to be disturbed, then proper root pruning procedures shall be employed. b. The removal of trees adjacent to tree saved areas can cause inadvertent damage to the protected trees. Wherever possible, it is strongly recommended to cut minimum one and one-half-foot trenches along the limits of land disturbance, so as to cut, rather than tear, roots. c. Prohibited Activities in Tree Save Areas 1. Where compaction might occur due to traffic or materials through the tree protection zone, the area must first be mulched with a minimum 6-inch layer of processed pine bark or coarse wood chips (see MSSD). Equipment or materials storage or disposal shall not be allowed within tree protection areas. d. Fences and walls may only be installed in tree save areas if:


i. The root systems of existing trees shall be taken into consideration;

ii. Post holes and trenches close to trees shall be dug by hand and adjusted as necessary to avoid damage to major roots; and

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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