Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Tree Protection, Buffers & Landscaping 8.8 Dumpsters And Mechanical Utilities Screening


C. Planting Strip Location: A continuous linear planting strip shall be provided between each 2 parking bays. D. Minimum Spacing: All parking spaces, or

portions thereof, shall be within 60 feet of a planted canopy tree trunk as illustrated in the diagram at right. Groundcover: Each planting area shall be landscaped with mulch, groundcover, or shrubs to protect against soil erosion.


F. Barriers or Wheel Stops: Barriers, such as wheel stops or 6- inch standard curbs, must be provided between vehicular use areas and landscaped areas. G. Conflict with Parking Lot Lighting: Trees shall be located and planted so as not to diminish the effectiveness of required parking lot lighting, and in no instance shall lighting be located closer than: 1. 15 feet to canopy trees, and 2. 8 feet to understory trees.

8.8. Dumpsters And Mechanical Utilities Screening

8.8.1. Required Screening A.

All dumpsters, loading docks, outdoor storage areas and utility structures, which are visible from a public street or adjacent property line, shall be screened unless already screened by an intervening buffer yard. Such equipment shall be considered out of view if it is within the 45 degree angles projected from the building edges.

B. Screening shall consist of evergreen shrubs, fencing, walls, or berms, and shall comply with all other standards of this section. C. All screening of utilities shall comply with the requirements of the utility provider. D. Enclosures for dumpsters shall be constructed with materials that are compatible with the design and materials of the principal building and in accordance with the following. 1. Material: Allowable materials include painted or stained solid-wood, composite wood, fabricated metal, brick, split face block, decorative block, and stone. 2. Shrubs: Evergreen shrub plantings shall be placed around the enclosure.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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