Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Tree Protection, Buffers & Landscaping 8.9 General Installation and Maintenance Standards


It shall be the responsibility of the property owner(s) or assigned caretakers to ensure that all regulated landscaped areas, buffers, fencing, and tree save areas are installed, preserved, and maintained in good growing conditions, appearance, and usefulness. Damage and disturbances to these areas shall result in vegetation replacement and/or fines and other penalties. Preservation and maintenance shall include: A. Any dead, unhealthy, or missing vegetation, shall be replaced with vegetation that conforms to the standards of this section and the approved site and/or subdivision plan. B. All required buffers, streetyards, vehicular use areas, tree save areas and other landscaped areas shall be free of refuse and debris, shall be treated for pest/diseases in accordance with the approved site and/or subdivision plan, and shall be maintained as to prevent mulch, straw, dirt, or other materials from washing onto streets and sidewalks. C. The owner(s) shall take actions to protect all plant material from damage during all facility and site maintenance operations. All plant material must be maintained in a way that does not obstruct sight distances at roadways and intersections, obstruct traffic signs or devices, and interfere with the use of sidewalks or pedestrian trails. Plant material, whether located within buffers, tree save areas, or within planted areas (required by the site and/or subdivision plan) shall not be removed, damaged, cut or severely pruned so that their intended form is impaired. Shrubs within vehicular use areas, streetyards, and street fronts may be pruned, but must maintain at least 3 feet in height. D. In the event that existing required vegetation located within any buffers, tree save areas, streetyards, vehicular use or other landscape areas poses an immediate or imminent threat to improved structures on private property or public property, excessive pruning or removal of the vegetation may be allowable provided authorization is obtained from the Administrator, and the performance standard of the landscape area is maintained consistent with this section. Replacement vegetation may be required as a condition of the permit. E. In the event that any vegetation or physical element functioning to meet the standards of this section is severely damaged due to an unusual weather occurrence or natural catastrophe, or other natural occurrence, the owner may be required to replant if the requirements of the section are not being met. Replacement vegetation shall conform to the standards of this section and the approved site and/or subdivision plan.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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