Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Parking & Driveways 9.4 Parking Requirements




Minimum Required Auto Spaces


Office or administrative area

1 per 300 sf 1 per 200 sf 1 per 750 sf

Indoor Sales Area

Outdoor sales or display area (3,000 sf or less)

Outdoor sales or display area (Over 3,000 sf) Motor vehicles/equipment sales

1 per 2,000 sf 1 per 1,000 sf

Other sales/display

Indoor Storage/warehousing 1-50,000 sf

1 per 1,500 sf 1 per 2,000 sf

50,001and greater sf

Vehicle Service/manufacturing area 1-3,000 sf

1 per 250 sf 1 per 500 sf 1 per 750 sf 1 per 1,250 sf 1 per 2,000 sf

3,001-5,000 sf 5,001-10,000 sf 10,001-50,000 sf

50,001 and greater sf


OFF- STREET PARKING SCHEDULE “C” Uses that are not listed in Schedule A or that reference Schedule C have widely varying parking and loading demand characteristics, making it impossible to specify a single off-street parking or loading standard. Upon receiving a development application for a use subject to Schedule C standards, the Administrator shall apply the off-street parking and loading standard specified for the listed use that is deemed most similar to the proposed use, or shall establish minimum off-street parking requirements based on a parking and loading study prepared by the applicant. Such a study must include estimates of parking demand based on recommendations of the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE), or other acceptable estimates as approved by the Administrator, and should include other reliable data collected from uses or combinations of uses that are the same as, or comparable with, the proposed use. Comparability will be determined by density, scale, bulk, area, type of activity, and location. The study must document the source of data used to develop the recommendations.

9.4.1. Maximum Parking The minimum parking requirements above have intentionally been set below general market expectations as a means to mitigate against the negative aspects of paved surfaces on the environment such as excessive water runoff, water pollution, and urban heat island effect. To this end, there shall also be a maximum parking standard for large parking facilities as follows:


Pervious Pavement Required 1.

If a parking lot exceeds 150 spaces and includes more than twice the minimum number of spaces established for a use, as outlined in Section 9.4.1 above, any parking spaces over twice the minimum required must be installed using pervious pavement systems only. 2. If there are no minimum parking requirements for the use given in Section 9.4.1 above, the maximum parking standard shall be 35% of the site area.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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