Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Parking & Driveways 9.8 Driveway Access


Any use which requires lowered or cutaway curbs, for purposes of ingress or egress, shall be subject to the provisions below.


Single-Family Residential Lots: Frontage Width

Maximum Permitted Driveways

Less than 50 feet More than 50 feet


2 For residential properties, the requirements of Section 5.5.4 shall also apply.

B. Non- Residential Driveways: The maximum number of combined entrances and exits allowed on any parcel shall correspond to the frontage of that parcel on any one street as indicated in the following table, except that properties with frontage on major access corridors in the Special Highway Overlay Districts shall be subject to the driveway requirements of Section 4.3.4.E. Frontage Width Maximum Permitted Driveways Less than 500 feet 1 501 – 1200 feet 2 More than 1200 feet 3 Additional entrances or exits may be permitted after showing of actual necessity and upon approval of the Board of Commissioners.


Location of Driveway Access Points 1.

All non-shared access driveways shall be constructed to be at least 5 feet from any property line at the right- of-way, except that a curb return may become tangent to a curb line at a point where said property line extended intersects said curb line.

Minimum driveway distance from property line

2. Driveways shall be located at a point along the frontage where it is possible for drivers of vehicles entering the highway to see in both directions along the traveled way far enough to allow entering the roadway without creating a hazardous situation. 3. Consideration of adjacent public/private streets and other driveways shall be used to prevent closely spaced driveways to adjacent properties and favor a more centralized driveway(s) to promote connectivity. 4. The Town reserves the right to permit access where it deems appropriate for the operational needs of the site and existing infrastructure. There is no guarantee of access to the applicant’s preferred driveway location or access point. 5. Access may be restricted to less than a full access movement. Any required infrastructure improvements may be required as a condition of the site plan in addition to the required improvements of Section 6.3. 6. Along Major roadways the minimum distance between any 2 driveways/curb cuts on the same side of the street shall be not less than 200 feet. 7. At signalized street intersections, no driveway/curb cut shall be located within 300 feet of the intersection on Major Roadways and 200 feet on Minor/Local Streets.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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