Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Signs 11.5 Nonconforming Signs


11.5. Nonconforming Signs

11.5.1. Limitation On Non-Conforming Signs

Signs erected after the passage of this section shall conform to the standards set forth herein. All legal nonconforming signs in existence as of the effective date of this chapter may be continued and shall be maintained in good condition. Nothing in this ordinance shall prevent the normal maintenance of an existing non-conforming sign. However, a nonconforming sign shall not be: A. Changed to another type or shape of nonconforming sign; however, the copy, content, or message of the sign may be changed so long as the shape or size of the sign is not altered. B. Structurally altered, except for normal maintenance. C. Physically expanded, enlarged, or extended in any manner. D. Reestablished after discontinuance for 30 days unless such sign is designated as a local landmark. E. Reestablished after the sign is removed, except for normal maintenance; unless such sign designated as a local landmark. F. Reestablished after damage or destruction where the estimated expense of reconstruction exceeds 33% of the appraised replacement cost of the sign in its entirety.

11.6. Sign Illumination

A. Prohibited Lighting: No flashing or intermittent illumination shall be permitted on any advertising sign or structure. No internal illumination shall occur within a National Register Historic District. B. Shielding Required: Any indirect lighting or spot lighting shall require complete shielding of all light sources so as to illuminate only the face of the sign and prevent glare from off-site. C. Lighting to Comply with Chapter 10: All sign illumination shall be in conformance with Chapter 10, Lighting. 11.7. Maintenance And Inspection Of Signs Signs shall be kept in proper repair. The following maintenance requirements must be observed for all signs visible from any public street or highway within the jurisdiction of the Town of Wake Forest. Surface Appearance: No sign shall have more than 20% of its surface area covered with disfigured, cracked, ripped, or peeling paint or poster paper for a period of more than 30 successive days. B. Broken Displays: No sign shall remain with a bent or broken display area, broken supports, loose appendages, or struts or stand more than 15 degrees from the perpendicular for a period of more than 30 successive days. C. Illuminated Signs: No indirect or internally illuminated sign shall have only partial illumination for a period of more than 30 successive days. 11.7.2. Inspections All signs for which a permit is required shall be subject to inspection by the town. A representative of the town shall be authorized to enter at all reasonable times upon any property or premises to ascertain whether the provisions of the code are being obeyed. 11.7.1. Damaged Signs A.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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