Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Signs 11.10 Permanent Signage Additional Standards


1. Mechanically produced or computer-generated prints or images, including but not limited to digitally printed vinyl, unless a proposed mural is affixed to a metal or wooden frame. 2. Murals containing electrical or mechanical components. 3. Changing image murals.

11.10.12. Occupant/Street Number Signs

Signs bearing property numbers, post office box numbers, names of occupants, or other identification of premises not having commercial connotations. A. All such signs must be placed in such a manner as to be visible from the street. B. Unit identification numbers shall be located on the front wall within 18 inches of the entrance or, if not feasible architecturally, prominently displayed on the building. C. Unit numbers, for single-family dwellings only, may in lieu of being located on the front wall, be located on the mailboxes or similar-sized surface attached thereto. D. Group housing developments which are comprised of courts or units not fronting a public street must be located on identification signs containing the name of the court, street, or way and the unit numbers on each private entrance.

11.10.13. Post and Arm Signs

Minor or secondary signs which are used to identify the address of a building, or to identify the profession, family, organization, business, etc., occupying the building.

A. Such signs shall be limited to one (1) per tenant and cannot be on the same lot as a monument sign. B. All post and arm signs must be set back a minimum of five (5) feet from the right-of- way. 11.10.14. Projecting/Suspended Signs Pedestrian-scaled signs on the first floor of the building

mounted to the side of the building or underside of a balcony or arcade which can be read from both sides. Such signage is subject to the following standards:

A. Such signs shall project perpendicular to the wall not more than three (3) feet. B. All lettering and graphics shall be permanent. C. The minimum clearance from such signage shall be seven (7) feet. 11.10.15. Theatre Marquee Signs

Three-dimensional signs projecting from the side of a building which may extend above the roof line and/or incorporate changeable type. Such signs must be perpendicular to the façade of the building or at a forty-five (45) degree from the corner of the building.

11.10.16. Vending Machine/Automatic Teller/ and Gasoline Pump Signs

Signs attached to and made an integral part of a vending machine, automatic teller machine, or gasoline pump if advertising or giving information about the products or services dispensed or vended by that machine. Such signage does not include signage advertising other products located on-site of inside the building.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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