Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Signs 11.11 Temporary Signs Additional Standards


11.10.17. Wall Signs

Flat signs, channel lettering, or three-dimensional signs which are painted or attached (parallel) to the wall of a building or structure, including located above a flat awning. Such signs will be limited to a maximum of a twelve (12) inch protrusion.


11.10.18. Window/Door Signs

Flat signs or lettering which are painted or attached to the window of a building or structure. Such signs shall not be separately illuminated.

11.11. Temporary Signs Additional Standards

11.11.1. Banners A.

Special Event Banners: Signs may be erected by public, civic, or non-profit organizations such as schools and churches for promoting special events as follows: 1. Signs for public events such as fund drives, fairs, festivals, sporting events, etc. may be displayed for a period of 30 days and shall be placed on-premises only. Such signs shall be removed within 48 hours of the end of the special event. 2. May not be placed within any public right-of-way or sight-distance triangle. 3. Such signage shall only be erected, placed, or located up to four (4) times per calendar year. B. Grand Opening Banners: All banners shall follow all temporary special event banner regulations listed above, however; they may only be erected in connection with a grand opening of a business in the jurisdiction 1. Such signs shall not be displayed for a period longer than thirty (30 days). 2. Banners must be securely staked into the ground or firmly affixed to the building wall. C. Utility Pole Banners: Decorative banners may be erected on city utility poles provided the banners are installed and removed by the applicant. Installation must be approved by the Administrator and the banners must be removed by an agreed upon date. Such banners may also be erected on buildings subject to the approval from the Administrator and are subject to the following criteria: 1. All utility pole banners must receive written approval from the electrical provider. 2. Must be mounted to poles with upper and lower horizontal supports. 3. All utility pole signs placed on a lot shall be of the same dimensions. 4. Shall be placed at the same relative height and location on all poles. 5. No pole shall contain more than two (2) pole signs, provided that such signs are located immediately across from each other. 6. Electrical provider may remove banner at any time under their discretion. 7. A renewable temporary sign permit to allow such banners shall only be valid for 180 days.

11.11.2. Construction Project Signs A. NON-RESIDENTIAL 1.

Permitted Districts: All Commercial Districts

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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