Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Signs 11.12 Prohibited Signs


4. All such signage must be removed at the termination of all sales offices in such neighborhood or development.

11.11.11. Yard Sale Signs A.

Such signs may be located on-premises only and shall not be located within a public right-of-way nor placed on a tree, street sign, or utility pole. B. Such signs must be removed within 7 days of erection and no more than 24 hours after the conclusion of the yard sale.

11.12. Prohibited Signs

11.12.1. Abandoned Signs or Sign Structures A. Signs that advertise an activity or business no longer conducted on the property on which the sign is located are prohibited. Conforming signs designed for changeable copy may be covered instead of removed. B. Sign structures on which no sign is erected are prohibited. C. Such signs or sign structures must be removed within 30 days of becoming an abandoned sign or sign structure. 11.12.2. Animated/Flashing Signs or Signs of Illusion

Except for otherwise approved time and temperature signs, signs displaying blinking, flashing or intermittent lights, animation, and moving parts or signs giving the illusion of movement are prohibited. Time and temperature signs that rotate or move are not permitted.

11.12.3. Billboards

Sign structure and/or sign utilized to display a commercial message, provide commercial message, or provide commercial advertising for an establishment, an activity, a product, service, or entertainment, which is sold, produced, manufactured, available, or furnished at a place other than the property on which said sign and/or sign structure is located.

11.12.4. Handheld Signs

Signs which are not affixed to any structure, posts, or supports, but instead are aided by humans, this includes, but not limited to any spinning, directing, flipping, or holding.

11.12.5. Lighter-Than-Air Signs

Sign devices consisting of balloons (inflated or plastic), blimps, or similar types of lighter-than-air objects shall be prohibited, except those which are subject to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

11.12.6. Neon Exterior Signs

Any electronic discharge tubing manufactured into shapes that form letters, parts of letter, skeleton tubing, or other decorative elements or logos and filled with various inert gases that are affixed to the exterior of the building.

11.12.7. Off Premises Signs

All off-premises signs unless specifically allowed elsewhere in this chapter are prohibited.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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