Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Signs 11.12 Prohibited Signs


11.12.8. Pole Signs

Any sign which is mounted on a freestanding pole or poles.

11.12.9. Signs Resembling Official Signs

Any sign that imitates an official governmental sign or violates the Law of the State relating to outdoor advertising is prohibited.

11.12.10. Signs Resembling Traffic Signals A.

Any sign which by color, location, or nature may be confused with official highway signs, warning signs, traffic signals, or other regulatory devices are prohibited. B. Any sign that uses the word "STOP", "SLOW", "CAUTION", "DANGER", or any other word which is likely to be confused with traffic, directional, and regulatory signs is prohibited. C. Any sign located in a manner or place which might constitute a traffic hazard is prohibited. 11.12.11. Signs Obstructing Access Any sign that obstructs free ingress or egress from a driveway or a required window, door, fire escape, stairway, ladder, or other required opening is prohibited.

11.12.12. Signs On Public Property

Any sign installed or placed on public property or within a public right-of-way, including any sign held by or otherwise displayed upon a person. Such sign shall be forfeited to the public and is subject to confiscation and disposal. In addition to other remedies hereunder, the Administrator shall have the right to recover from the property owner, business owner, or person placing such a sign the full costs of removal and disposal of such sign.

11.12.13. Signs On Roadside Appurtenances

Signs attached to or painted on utility poles, telephone poles, trees, parking meters, bridges and overpasses, rocks, other signs, benches, fences, refuse containers, etc. are prohibited unless specifically allowed elsewhere in this chapter.

11.12.14. Signs With Exposed Electrical Wiring

All wiring shall be contained in conduit or enclosed in poles or raceways. In no case shall the wiring be exposed to the public.

11.12.15. Windblown Devices, Etc.

Signage containing or consisting of streamers, pennants, windblown propellers, string light bulbs, flutter/feather flags, sun blades, and similar installations.

All other signs not expressly permitted in this ordinance shall be considered prohibited.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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