Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Erosion, Flood, Stormwater & Watershed Standards 12.7 Watercourse (Riparian) Buffer Areas


When located in the Neuse River Basin, the state regulations for water management as outlined in 15 A NCAC 2B.0233 shall apply.


Neuse River Basin Buffers

Zone 1 Buffer

Surface Water Features

Zone 2 Buffer

Additional Standards

All buildings and structures shall be set back a minimum 10 ft from the edge of any required buffer.

All intermittent streams, perennial streams, water supply impoundments, lakes, and ponds

30 feet min.

20 feet min.

See Section 12.7.3


Delineation of Buffer Zones 1.

Zone 1: Zone 1 begins at the landward limit of the top of bank for surface water features and extends landward a distance of 30 feet on all sides of the water body. For all other water bodies, Zone 1 begins at the top of bank or mean high water line. Zone 1 is an undisturbed area of vegetation. Zone 2: Zone 2 begins at the outer edge of Zone 1 and extends landward a distance of 20 feet on all sides of the water body. Zone 2 consists of a stable vegetated area that may be graded and revegetated provided that the health of vegetation in Zone 1 is not compromised.


3. Water Supply Watershed Buffer Zones: The width of Zone 1 shall be measured horizontally from the normal pool elevation of impounded structures, from the top of bank of each side of streams or river, and from the mean high waterline of tidal water, perpendicular to the shoreline. Zone 2 begin at the outer edge of Zone 1 and Zone 3 the outer edge of Zone 2. The buffers may be cleared or graded but shall be replanted and maintained in grass or other vegetation.

12.7.3. Watercourse Buffer Standards A.

Permitted Uses in Watercourse Buffers: All required buffers shall remain natural and undisturbed except as allowed by Neuse River Basin: Nutrient Sensitive Waters Management Strategy: Protection and Maintenance of Existing Riparian Buffers Rules, as amended, or as may be necessary to accommodate any of the uses (Allowable and Allowable with Mitigation) permitted in 15 A NCAC 2B.0233 and Water Supply Watershed Protection Program: Nonpoint Source and Stormwater Pollution Control 15A NCAC 02B.0624. Some watercourses may require both water supply watershed and Neuse Riparian buffers. In event of conflict with other applicable regulations, the more restrictive regulation governs. These activities shall minimize built-upon surface

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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