Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Administrative Agencies 14.5 Board of Adjustment


E. UDO Review: The Planning Board shall review and make recommendations regarding the following permit types (see also Chapter 15): 1. Text Amendments (15.14) 2. Map Amendments/Rezoning (15.14) 3. Conditional Zoning (15.15) 4. Planned Unit Development Rezoning (15.16) 5. Comprehensive Plan Amendments (15.17) F. The Planning Board shall also have any additional powers and duties as may be set forth in NCGS §160D as amended, or at the direction of the Board of Commissioners. The Planning Board shall consist of 7 members. A quorum of 5 members shall be necessary to transact business. B. The Wake Forest Board of Commissioners shall appoint members from a list of qualified applicants who have submitted an advisory board application. A minimum of 5 members shall reside in the corporate limits and a minimum of 1 member shall reside in the extra-territorial planning jurisdiction (ETJ), unless the proportional calculation for ETJ representation, which shall be determined based on the population of residents of the extraterritorial area, requires more than one ETJ member. The population estimates for this calculation shall be updated no less frequently than after each decennial census. The town resident members shall be appointed by the Wake Forest Board of Commissioners and the ETJ resident members shall be appointed by the Wake County Board of Commissioners after a recommendation of the Wake Forest Board of Commissioners. The representatives of the extraterritorial area shall have equal rights, privileges, and duties with the other members of the Planning Board. C. Vacancies shall be filled by the Wake Forest Board of Commissioners or the Wake County Board of Commissioners, as applicable, as they occur. D. Town members shall serve 3-year terms and ETJ members shall serve 2-year terms. No member shall serve more than 2 full consecutive terms. Once a member has served 2 full consecutive terms, the member must be off the planning board for a minimum of one year before being eligible to serve again. This term limit requirement may be waived by the Board of Commissioners according to the provisions of Section 14.10. The Board of Commissioners may also remove members of appointed boards/commissions who are in violation of the attendance policy set out in Section 14.9. E. Officers shall be elected in accordance with the adopted rules of procedure. F. All members shall, before entering their duties, qualify by taking an oath of office as required by NCGS §160D.

14.4.2. Membership and Quorum A.

14.5. Board of Adjustment

14.5.1. Powers and Duties

The Town of Wake Forest's Board of Adjustment shall have the following powers and duties to be carried out in accordance with the terms of this ordinance. A. To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged by the appellant that there is error in any order, requirement, permit, decision, determination, or refusal made by the Administrator in the carrying out or enforcement of any provision of this ordinance. A

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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