Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Administration 15.2 General Provisions & Applicability


Permit Validity Period**

Permit/ Process Type*

Reviewing Agency

Public Notice (15.3)

Approving Agency

Appeal Process

Permit Extension

Permit/ Process Type


Comprehensive Plan Amendment Annexation and ETJ Expansion

Levels 1 & 2

Superior Court Superior Court










Levels 1 & 2 BOC



Admin – Administrator (14.1) | BOC – Board of Commissioners (14.2) | TRC – Technical Review Committee (14.3) | PB – Planning Board (14.4) BOA – Board of Adjustment (14.5) |HPC – Historic Preservation Commission (14.6) | Superior Court of North Carolina *All Legislative and Quasi-Judicial Permit/Process Types shall require a public hearing according to the provisions outlined in this chapter for each process. **Requests for vesting must be made at the time the application is submitted. Development meeting NC General Statute requirements for multi-phase development vesting plan may be eligible for extended vesting rights. Developments identified as site specific vesting plans are vested for a period of two years. 15.2.5. Completeness Review A. Sufficiency to be Determined by Administrator: All applications shall be sufficient for

processing before the Administrator is required to review the application. An application shall be sufficient for processing when it contains all of the information necessary, in accordance with the appropriate development permit checklist, to decide whether or not the development as proposed will comply with the requirements of this ordinance. The Administrator will prepare and disseminate appropriate checklists for use by applicants in their submission. These checklists are located on the Town of Wake Forest website and are made a part of this ordinance by reference. B. Application Information: The presumption shall be that all of the information required in the application forms is necessary to satisfy the requirements of this section. However, it is recognized that each application is unique, and therefore more or less information may be required according to the needs of the particular case. C. Evidence of Authority: The Administrator may require an applicant to present evidence of authority to submit the application. Applications for development approvals may be made by the landowner, a lessee or person holding an option or contract to purchase or lease land, or an authorized agent of the landowner. An easement holder may also apply for development approval for such development as is authorized by the terms of the easement. D. Application Submittal Deadline: Applications sufficient for processing shall be submitted to the Administrator in accordance with the published workflow schedule. E. Application Incomplete: On determining an application is incomplete, the Administrator shall provide the applicant with written notice of the submittal deficiencies. Incomplete applications submitted have 30 days to make revisions in order to be sufficient for processing for review. If a complete application is not received within 30 days of initial submittal, the application is considered abandoned. If the applicant submits a request in writing to the Administrator within 15 calendar days of the application abandonment date, 50 percent of the application fee paid for the abandoned application shall be refunded. F. Application Complete: On determining an application is complete, the Administrator shall provide written notice to the applicant that the application has been accepted for review. G. Resubmittal Deadline: Upon receiving review comments from staff or TRC on an application that has been accepted for review, a revised application shall be resubmitted no later than six months from the date of the comments. If a revised application is not resubmitted within the stated timeframe, the application will be considered withdrawn, and a new application and review fee shall be submitted.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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