Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Administration 15.16 Planned Unit Development (PUD)


Plan is a site-specific plan that is a condition of the Planned Unit Development zoning map change. A Planned Unit Development Concept Plan shall, at a minimum, illustrate the following: 1. The underlying zoning district or overlay district uses and requirements shall not apply to the Planned Unit Development unless explicitly incorporated into the standards of the PUD Plan; 2. General traffic routes (external and internal) to and from the development with major access points identified; 3. Tabular data, including the range and scope of proposed land uses, proposed densities, floor area ratios and impervious surface ratios as applicable to development type; and land areas devoted to each type of general land useand phase of development; 4. A proposed development schedule if the project is to be phased.

15.16.3. Formal Review

The procedure for approval of a Planned Unit Development shall follow the procedure for review of Text & Map Amendments (Rezonings) as outlined in Sections 15.4.2 through 15.4.6.

15.16.4. Effect of Approval/Changes

The applicant may proceed with development only after approval of the Planned Unit Development Concept Plan by the Board of Commissioners, followed by any necessary approvals typically required of this ordinance. The development and use of all land within the Planned Unit Development shall be in keeping with the approved Concept Plan and all applicable provisions therein. A. Final Approval by Stages: If indicated on the PUD Concept Plan, the Board of Commissioners may allow the phasing of final development. Each phase of development shall adhere to all applicable provisions and standards of this section and the applicable Planned Unit Development Concept Plan. B. Substantial Changes: Any substantial change to a PUD Concept Plan as noted below shall be reviewed by the Planning Board and approved or denied by the Board of Commissioners as an amended Planned Unit Development. The following changes to a Planned Unit Development Concept Plan shall require approval by the Board of Commissioners: 1. Land area being added or removed from the Planned Unit Development. 2. Modification of special performance criteria, design standards, or other requirements specified by the enacting ordinance. 3. A change in land use or development type beyond that permitted bythe approved Planned Unit Development Concept Plan. 4. When there is introduction of a new vehicular access point to an existing street, road or thoroughfare not previously designated for access. 5. When there is an increase in the total number of residential dwellingunits originally authorized by the approved Planned Unit Development Concept Plan. 6. When the total floor area of a non-residential classification is increased more than 10% beyond the total floor area last approved by Board of Commissioners. Changes of less than or equal to 10% may be approved by the Administrator. 7. Any change which alters the basic development concept of thePlanned Unit Development Concept Plan.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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