Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

District Provisions 2.5 Floating Overlay Districts


and impact to the character of the structure, when possible. When appropriate temporary structures may be approved by the Administrator.

iv. Utilities: Skylights, solar panels, utilities, mechanical equipment, satellite dishes, air conditioning units, and associated structures shall only be located on rear or side slopes of the roof, on rear or side portions of the building, and in rear or side yards provided they are not visible from the public right-of-way or are screened from view from the public right-of-way with vegetation or fencing. c. Non-Residential Uses in Residential Structures . Historically significant residential structures in the Glen Royall Mill Village may be repurposed for uses other than residential. In order to preserve the architectural integrity and special historical character of these structures in Glen Royall Mill Village, the following apply to nonresidential uses within detached dwellings in addition to the requirements of Section 2.4.6.C.1.b.(i): i. The residential character and architectural elements of the house shall remain unchanged. ii. With the exception of door and window replacements, which shall match the size of the existing openings, and routine repair and maintenance, there may be no other alterations to the front façade of the building.

iii. Building additions must be in accordance with Section 2.4.6.C.2.d.

iv. On-site parking shall be located to the side or rear of the principal structure. d. Additions . The following standards are applicable to all additions in the Glen Royal Mill Village Character Preservation Overlay (MVCP-O) District i. Additions shall be located to the rear of the structure or the most inconspicuous side of the building. Additions to roofs shall not be visible from the front elevation. The addition shall be sited such that it is clearly an appendage and distinguishable from the existing main building. Additions shall be recessed behind the rear corner of the principal structure and shall not exceed the height of the principal structure or be visible from the front of the structure. ii. Additions shall be constructed with the least possible loss of historic building material and without damaging or obscuring character-defining features of the building, including, but not limited to, rooflines, cornices, eaves, and brackets. Additions shall be designed to be reversible with the least amount of damage to the historic building so that if removed in the future, the historic building will be intact.


Additions, including multiple additions to structures, shall:

iv. (a) Not increase the floor area of the main structure by more than 100%.

v. (b) Not increase the height of the main structure nor shall the addition exceed the height of the main structure. vi. Designs for additions shall be compatible with the building design standards of Chapter 5 of this Ordinance.

D. Submittal Requirements. In addition to the standard submittal requirements, applications in the Glen Royall Mill Village Character Preservation Overlay District shall also include building elevations, site plan, and floorplans.

2.5. Floating Overlay Districts

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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