Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Supplemental Use Standards 3.1 Applicability


3. Supplemental Use Standards

3.1. Applicability There are certain uses that exist which may be constructed, continued, and/or expanded provided they meet certain mitigating conditions specific to their design and/or operation. Such conditions ensure compatibility so that different uses may be located in proximity to one another without adverse effects to either. When uses are listed in the Use Matrices in Chapter 2 as Uses Permitted with Additional Standards (Ps and As) or uses requiring Special Use Permits (SUP and SUPs) they shall comply with the additional criteria set forth in this chapter for that use in addition to other applicable criteria contained in this ordinance. 3.1.1. Uses Permitted With Additional Standards (Ps and As) A. Permitted uses with special requirements are uses permitted by right, provided that the specific standards set forth in this article are met. B. The specified standards are intended to ensure that these uses fit the vision of the zoning districts in which they are permitted, and that these uses are compatible with other development permitted within the districts.

3.1.2. Special Use Permit Applications (SUP and SUPs) A.

Uses listed in the Use Table that require a Special Uses Permit shall meet the criteria and follow the processes outlined in Chapter 15. Those uses requiring a Special Use Permit and supplemental use standards shall also meet the specific standards set forth in this article.

3.1.3. Conflict With Other Regulations A.

If there is a conflict between the standards set forth in this chapter and any other requirements of this ordinance, the standards of this ordinance shall control except as set forth below. B. The zoning district in which a particular use is permitted is controlled by the use listings found for the individual districts. In the event of any inconsistency between this article and the use listings for the districts, the use listings found in Chapter 2 shall control.

3.2. Supplemental Use Standards – Residential

3.2.1. Dwelling – Single Family (RMX), Duplex (RMX), Townhome (RMX, NMX), Multifamily (RMX, NMX) A. When permitted in one of these districts, these dwelling types shall be located within one- quarter mile of an Office/Service, Commercial/Entertainment or Civic use. This requirement shall not apply to existing residential developments or lots of record. Building Type and Permitted Units: Multifamily units in these districts shall be restricted to the Detached House and Townhouse building types only. A maximum of 4 units is permitted in a Detached House (Quadruplex) and it shall be designed such that a maximum of two main entrances are on the fronting façade (similar to a duplex configuration). Additional building entrances may be provided on the side and rear of the building. 3.2.3. Dwelling – Accessory (RD, GR3, GR5, GR10, ICD, UR, RMX, RA-HC, NMX, UMX, PUD – For Detached Dwelling Lots Only) A. Number: Only one accessory dwelling is permitted per lot. B. Placement on the Lot: A detached accessory dwelling shall be sited to the side or rear of the principal building. 3.2.2. Dwelling – Multifamily (UR) A.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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