Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Supplemental Use Standards 3.2 Supplemental Use Standards – Residential



Manufactured Home Space Requirements 1.

Each manufactured home stand and space shall be graded to provide adequate storm drainage away from the structure and such that there will exist no more than 3 feet difference between the chassis of the home or office and the finished grade of the stand along the entire perimeter of the home or office proper. 2. Each home shall be at least 35 feet from any property line. 3. Each manufactured home space shall have a permanent site number sign that is clearly visible from the street running in front of the home. 4. A minimum of 2 parking spaces shall be provided for each manufactured home. 5. A visitor parking area, consisting of 1 space for each 5 manufactured home units located within the park, shall be provided. This parking area does not have to be paved. C. Special Use Permit: In the RD District, a Special Use Permit is required for this use and shall meet the criteria and follow the processes outlined in Chapter 15. 3.2.8. Boarding or Rooming House (12 or Fewer Persons) (GR3, GR5, NB, ICD, UR, RMX, RA-HC, NMX, UMX) A. Parking: In GR3, GR5, ICD, UR, RMX RA-HC, NMX and UMX Districts, parking areas shall not be permitted in the front yard and shall be screened from adjacent properties by a Type B buffer. B. Owner: The owner shall serve as a full-time manager or otherwise designate a full-time manager, either of which shall permanent reside on the premises. C. Building and Lot Standards: 1. The minimum size of any sleeping room shall be 200 square feet per resident. 2. One full bath consisting of a tub or shower, toilet and sink shall be provided for each 4 residents. 3. Full kitchen facilities, consisting of a stove, oven, sink, refrigerator, food preparation area, and storage areas shall be provided and accessible to all tenants. 4. Signs, other than address/tenant identification signs which meet the requirements of Chapter 11, shall not be permitted. 5. All of the lot area which is not used for parking, sidewalks, buildings, utility structures or site access must be landscaped and maintained. 3.2.9. Residential Care Facility (More Than 6 Residents) (All Districts Except OS, RD, HB, LI, & HI) A. Buffering: Residential care facilities must be buffered from adjacent residentially zoned property or adjacent to residential uses with a Type C buffer in accordance with Section 8.5.3. B. Licensing: Prior to the submission of an application for a certificate of zoning compliance, an owner/operator of a residential care facility shall have received a license from the State of North Carolina for such a facility. C. Number of Units: Unless located and having access on a Collector Street or higher order street, no residential care facility shall contain more than 16 units. D. Development Standards: 1. To the extent practicable, the community shall provide access connectivity (vehicular and pedestrian) to adjacent neighborhoods. 2. Where a community adjoins a residential district, with or without an intervening street or alley, to the maximum extent practicable, residential uses within the community shall be located adjacent to the residential district, and non-residential uses and signs shall be located and oriented away from the residential district.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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