Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Supplemental Use Standards 3.3 Supplemental Use Standards – Lodging


E. Accessory Uses: The following accessory uses are permitted: congregate dining facilities, recreational and social facilities, health care facilities, gift shops, snack shops, banks, barber/beauty shops, and similar services for residents.

3.3. Supplemental Use Standards – Lodging

3.3.1. Bed and Breakfast Home (Up To 8 Rooms) (RD, GR3, GR5, ICD, UR, RMX, RA-HC, NMX, UMX) A. Location: In GR3 and GR5 districts, Bed and Breakfast Homes with more than 4 rentable rooms shall be located on corner lots only. B. Owners : An owner/manager of a bed and breakfast home shall reside on the property. C. Activities: Activities and functions at the bed and breakfast home shall be provided for overnight guests only and shall be limited to breakfast and an afternoon and/or evening refreshment. D. (For RD, GR3 and GR5 Only) In addition to the functions for overnight guests, the bed and breakfast home may have 6 private parties, receptions, or similar activities per year. In no way is this provision meant to restrict the owner/manager ’ s use of their home for personal entertaining. E. Special Use Permit: In the RD, GR3, GR5, and UR Districts, a Special Use Permit is required for this use and shall meet the criteria and follow the processes outlined in Chapter 15.

3.4. Supplemental Use Standards – Office/Service

3.4.1. Home Occupation (RD, GR3, GR5, GR10, UR, RMX, RA-HC, NMX, UMX, PUD) A. General Standards 1. The home occupation shall be clearly incidental and secondary to residential occupancy. 2. The use shall be carried on entirely within an enclosed structure on the premises. 3. The home occupation shall be operated by a resident of the dwelling. 4. A maximum of 25% of the gross floor area of the dwelling unit may be used for the home occupation. 5. A maximum of 2 full-time equivalent non-residents of the dwelling may be employed on the premises. B. Exterior Appearance 1. The use shall not change the residential character of the dwelling. 2. Storage of goods and materials associated with the home occupation must be completely within an enclosed structure. 3. Parking must be provided so as not to create hazards or street congestion. 4. All parking associated with the home shall be accommodated off-street or in spaces directly in front of the residence. 5. No display of goods, products, services, or other advertising (except permitted signage as set forth in Chapter 11, Signs) shall be visible from outside of the dwelling. 6. No generation of dust, odors, noise, vibration or electrical interference or fluctuation shall be perceptible beyond the property line. 3.4.2. Veterinary Services (RMX, RA-HC, NMX, UMX, PUD) A. General Standards: Only animals in veterinary care may stay overnight. No kennels or storage of animals shall be permitted outside unless otherwise permitted in the district in which it is located.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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