Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Supplemental Use Standards 3.8 Supplemental Use Standards – Automotive


C. Special Use Permit: In the RA-HC, NMX, and UMX Districts, a Special Use Permit is required for this use and shall meet the criterial and follow the processes outlined in Chapter 15 D. Screening: Evergreen shrubs with the ability to reach a minimum of 3’ in height at maturity, shall be planted along the perimeter of the drive-thru so as to screen it from view adjacent parcels or streets.

3.8.2. Gas/Fueling Station (NB, HB, NMX, UMX) A. Canopies/Pumps: 1.

Must be located to the side or rear of a principal building. 2. Pump canopies must be located at least 50 feet from any interior side or rear property line that adjoins residentially developed property. 3. The maximum number of pumps permitted at a single gas/fueling station shall be 12. 4. The support columns of canopies shall have a masonry base consistent with the principal building materials at least one-third the height of the columns. 5. Plastic or other similar roofing materials are prohibited for canopies. B. Principal Buildings: A conforming principal building is required and shall be a minimum of 1,600 square feet when it is on a stand-alone parcel. In a shopping center, no principal building is required as long as all other standards of this Section are met. C. Lighting: All lighting must be shielded to direct light and glare only onto the lot or parcel where the gas/fueling station is located and shall be in accordance with Section 10.3.8.C. D. Special Use Permit: In the NMX, and UMX Districts, a Special Use Permit is required for this use and shall meet the criterial and follow the processes outlined in Chapter 15. 3.8.3. Parking Lots/Structure-Principal Use (NB, HB, RMX, RA-HC, NMX, UMX, PUD) A. Screening: For parking structures, vehicles shall be screened from view from the street and adjacent properties with walls or decorative screens (architectural or vegetative). Sloped ramps cannot be discernible along the perimeter of a parking structure. B. Materials: For parking structures, masonry materials identified in Section 5.6.2 shall be used on the majority of the first level of the structure’s exterior façade. C. Blank Walls: For parking structures, when adjacent to a street, residentially developed parcel, or residentially zoned parcel, blank wall void or features of visual interest may not exceed 40’ in length or height. Visual interest features include façade articulation, change in material patter, vegetation walls, murals, canopies, and glazing. D. Stairwells: For parking structures, stairwells shall be open or enclosed with glass and be visible to the street for security reasons. E. For parking structures, compliance with Section 9.5.4 is required. F. Electric Vehicle Charging: For parking lots and parking structures as principal uses with 50 or more parking spaces, at least 5% of parking spaces shall include electric vehicle charging stations. 3.8.4. Vehicle Services – Minor Maintenance/Repair (NB, NMX, UMX) A. Screening: All outdoor storage areas shall be screened by a Type A buffer in accordance with Section 8.5.3. B. Vehicle Bays: Vehicle bays shall be set perpendicular to the street or otherwise screened from direct view by landscaping.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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