Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Supplemental Use Standards 3.10 Supplemental Use Standards – Agriculture


2. All outdoor storage, collection loading and processing areas must be located a minimum distance of 50 feet from the adjacent property line. B. Environmental Hazards: All establishments shall be maintained so as not to create environmental hazards (such as oil or gas leaks or spills) that pose a threat to ground or surface water quality, air quality, wildlife and/or humans. C. Vehicular Access: Vehicular access to the site shall be provided on a thoroughfare of suitable industrial capacity as determined by the Administrator and/or any required Transportation Impact Analysis. Entrances: All storage units must be contained within a building and accessed internally. Separate entrances to individual storage units from outside the building are not permitted. B. Primary Entrance: The business office of the self-storage facility shall have a front entrance facing the street to allow pedestrian access. C. Facilities are only permitted in multi-story structures designed to resemble office buildings. D. If storage units are visible from the exterior, glazing shall be tinted so as to minimize the focus on units and reduce glare of interior lighting. E. The outdoor storage of goods or materials, portable storage units, boats, RVs or similar vehicles is not permitted. F. 3.9.5. Storage – Self-Service (NB and HB) A. Permitted Activities: The only activities permitted in individual storage units shall be the rental of the unit and the deposit or pick-up of goods and/or property. Storage units shall not be used for activities such as: 1. Residences, offices, workshop, hobby, or rehearsal area; 2. Manufacturing, fabrication, processing, service or repair, or any industrial activity; 3. Retail sales, including garage sales or auctions; 4. Storage of flammable, perishable, or hazardous materials; or 5. Keeping of animals G. Hours of Operation: Self-service storage facilities shall not operate or allow tenant access between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. if the site abuts a residential zoning district or residential use.

3.10. Supplemental Use Standards – Agriculture

3.10.1. Animal Production (RD) A.

Size of Lot: Animal production may only occur on a lot exceeding 2 acres in size. B. Number of Animals: Not more than one animal unit shall be kept, maintained, or stabled per 6,000 square feet of land. C. Distance from Dwelling Unit: All animals shall be fenced so that they are no closer than 100 feet from a dwelling unit on an adjacent property. This provision shall not apply if a dwelling unit is constructed so as to encroach upon an existing animal production use. However, an existing animal production use may not expand towards a newly established residential use. D. Special Use Permit : In the RD District, a Special Use Permit is required for this use and shall meet the criterial and follow the processes outlined in Chapter 15. 3.10.2. Backyard Pen/Coop (All Districts Except OS, LI, HI) A. Permit Required : No person shall stable, tie, or otherwise keep within the town, nearer than 100 feet to any dwelling house, apartment or other residence occupied by any person, without

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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