Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Supplemental Use Standards 3.11 Supplemental Use Standards – Infrastructure


iii. A visual representation of the visual impact of the proposed facility, including, as applicable, the tower base, guy wires, fencing and accessory buildings from abutting and adjacent properties and streets and any proposed screening. l. Structural certification and supporting calculations by a licensed structural engineer showing compliance with all local, state and federal structural requirements for loads, including wind and ice loads and including, but not limited to all applicable ANSI guidelines (e.g., ANSI-EIA/TIA 222). The name, address, and phone number of the property owner and the Applicant, including the legal name of the applicant. If the owner of the structure is different than the applicant, the name and all necessary contact information shall be provided; b. The zoning district or designation in which the property is situated; c. 2. General Application Items (these should be combined with the SUP application requirements) a. A site plan showing the address, tax parcel number, parcel dimensions, footprint and the type, proposed structures, location and dimensions of buildings, access drives, location of any guy wires, landscaping and buffers, fencing and any other requirements of site plans; d. Elevations showing the profile or the vertical rendition of the WTF identifying proposed attachments and all related fixtures, structures, appurtenances and apparatus, including the height above the pre-existing grade, materials, colors and lighting; e. A map or diagram showing all existing and proposed users and attachments to the facility, including the all related fixtures, structures, appurtenances and apparatus, including height above pre-existing grade, materials, color and lighting; f. The azimuth, size and center line height location of all proposed and existing antennas on the supporting structure, identified by owner or carrier; g. The type and design of the WTF, the number and type of antenna arrays proposed and the basis for the calculations of the WTF’s structural capacity to accommodate the required number of antenna arrays for which the structure must be designed; h. The applicant shall disclose in writing any agreement in existence prior to submission of the application that would limit or preclude the ability of the applicant to share any new telecommunication tower that it constructs; i. The applicant must provide documentation to verify it has the right to proceed as proposed on the site. This requires an executed copy of the lease with the landowner or landlord or a signed letter of agency acknowledging authorization. If the applicant owns the site, a copy of the ownership record is required. 3. Eligible Facility Application Requirements: No Special Use Permit shall be required for an Eligible Facility. However, a Building Permit, a Certificate of Completion and all other applicable permits and authorizations shall be required. The following represent the Town’s policy(s) regarding Eligible Facilities. a. The Town shall not be required to issue a Development Permit for any Eligible Facility, the service area for which is not primarily and substantially within the Town. b. Compliance: Other than to remediate non-compliant situations related to matters of safety or the conditions of a permit, no permits for work at a Facility or Complex shall be issued for any work related to an Eligible Facility where the Facility and Complex are not in full compliance with all applicable local, State, and federal laws, rules, regulations, and orders. A Facility and Complex not in full compliance shall be

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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