Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

General Provisions For All Districts 4.3 Basic Lot And Use Standards


4.3.3. Dimensional Standards A. General Requirements

A building, structure or lot shall not be developed, used, or occupied unless it meets the minimum setback requirements for the land development or overlay district in which it is located.


Infill Lot Standards: 1.

Setbacks: The minimum front or street setback required may be reduced

for any lot where the average established front yard on developed lots located within 300 feet on each side of such lot, and fronting on the same street as such lot, is less than the minimum required setback. In such cases, the minimum front or street setback may be less than that required but not less than the average of the existing front yards on the developed lots within 300 feet of each side. 2. Lot width: For new lots created from existing larger lots, the lot width at the frontage line and the side yard setbacks shall be consistent with the immediately adjacent neighboring parcels on the same side of the street. Frontage Buildout Standards For the purposes of calculating frontage building, the figure representing the linear footage of buildings occupying the lot frontage shall only include those portions of the building(s) that meet the maximum setback requires for the zoning district. The figure representing the linear footage of the lot frontage shall be determined by the width of the property at the primary front. The Administrator may allow linear footage of the following items to be subtracted from the lot frontage: 1. Existing easements that cannot be abandoned and do not allow the construction of structures or buildings; 2. Floodplain as shown on FIRM or preliminary FIRM maps; 3. Wetlands; 4. Streams and riparian buffers; and 5. Portions of property deemed unbuildable due to the shape of the property, where the lot depth is 50 feet or less.


4.3.4. Encroachments

The features listed below may encroach into a required setback.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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